A blue christmas
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A blue christmas


It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Wilson, an elderly woman, was sitting in her rocking chair, listening to Christmas carols on her radio. This was a family tradition that went on for many, many years. Christmas just wasn’t Christmas in the Wilson household without listening to carols on the radio.

„Oh my!“ she sighed. „I’m so lonely. I wish my son, Paul were here to share Christmas with me!“

Mrs. Wilson lived alone in a small apartment. This particular Christmas was very rough on her. Normally, Christmas was spent with Paul, his wife Nelly, and their son Johnny. However, this could not happen this Christmas. Paul had lost his wife and son in a car accident earlier that fall. It was a very difficult time for Mrs. Wilson, but especially for Paul. Oh how he had loved his wife and child!

A few days ago, Mrs. Wilson had called her son to ask him to join her for Christmas.

„Ma, I can’t,“ Paul had told her. „I miss them so terribly. I keep expecting them to show up at the doorstep.“

„Oh Paul,“ cried Mrs. Wilson. „I know this is difficult for you, but do you honestly think that you should be alone at a time like this.“

„I don’t know,“ said Paul. „Right now, yeah, I do think that being alone is the answer.“

„Well dear,“ she replied sadly. „If you change your mind, I’ll be here.“

„Thanks Ma,“ said Paul. „And, Ma, Merry Christmas.“

„Merry Christmas to you too, son,“ said Mrs. Wilson.

The radio program was just finishing up for the night. Mrs. Wilson, yawning, got up and turned it off.

„The radio program just wasn’t the same this year,“ she sighed as she went into her bedroom. „It’s just not the same without Paul, Nelly and Johnny. I sure wish Paul would change his mind.“

Later that night, she was awakened by a strange sound coming from her living room. Quickly, she grabbed her house coat and went to see what was going on. There, standing by the Christmas tree, with his arms full of presents, was Paul.

„Oh Paul!“ cried Mrs. Wilson. „I’m so glad to see you.“

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