Air pollution1
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Air pollution1

Air Pollution

There are lots of problems in our planet. But I think one of the main problem is air pollution, as people have to breathe non stop 24h a day. We need oxygen to survive. However big cities are weltering in smoke. It is very hard for people to take the oxygen from that smog. Moreover there are lots of poisonous substances, which can damage our health. As a result more and more people are getting diseases like lung cancer. So we all should concern about what we can do to solve this problem.

Most people think that they don’t cause much damage for the environment. So they don’t think that there is something they should change. But people don’t understand, that they are not the only one who think that way. There are millions or even billions of people who think that they are not causing a lot of damage. Just imagine what would happen if all these people would gather in one place. It would be a disaster.

Most of us are using cars. If you are using a brand new car, it emits about 190 grammas carbon dioxide in 1 km. 190 grammas is just 1 k.! So if you drive just 5 kilometers per day, what is unbelievable, you car emits almost a kilo of carbon dioxide just in couple of minutes. So think about it. Wouldn’t it be better to use a bicycle or at least a public transport?

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