Anglų įskaitos temos
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Anglų įskaitos temos

About languages (apie kalbas)

My native language is Lithuania. So he must know its

fourth form I began to learn the English language. From

history, grammar, literature spelling. When I was on the

the very first days I understood that it is very difficult to

learn. English, as it has different pronunciation and

spelling. If you want to learn new words, grammar, how

to form the sentence. It is necessary to know the history,

culture, traditions of the country which language, you

study. It is very difficult to learn any foreign language

when you do not hear it in the street at house. The film

which we see on TV are translated into native language

and we can’t hear the English language. The English

language is very popular in the world and what country

you visit you can communicate in England. The role of

the foreign languageshas inereased in the last years, as

Lithuanian keeps good relations with other European

countries and is going to biome a member of European

Union and NATO. So every young person must think

about his future and the use of the foreign language.

The European Union(apie europos sąjungą)

The European Union is the European supranational

organization dedicated to increasing economic

integration and strengthening co-operation among

its member states. The European Union was established

on November one, nineteen ninety three. The treaty on

European Union was ratified by the twelve members of

the European community. They were Belgium, Denmark,

France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy,

Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The

citizen of the European Union countries received the

right to immigrate From owe country to another and

they got a greater freedom to live, work or study in

any of the member states and there were no borders

to travel from are European Union State to another.

The main body of the European Union is the European

Parliament, which is elected by the citizens of the

European Union States. The main body works in

Strasburg, but most work of its committee is done

in Brussels. Finland, Austria and Sweden joined the

European Union in nineteen ninety five. In this year

May first day Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia will become

the members of the European Union. There are seven

other countries which will become the members of the

European union. They are: Poland, Cheek, Cyprus,

Malta, Hungary, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

About myself(apie save)

My name is Justina and surname is Šaučiūnaitė. I

live in Anykščiai in Stoties street No eleven. I was

born on the fiveof march nineteen eighty

six in Anykščiai. I am eighteen, I am the citizen

of Lithuania. I am a schoolgirl and I learn in the twelve

form of Antanas Baranauskas secandary school. So I am a

school-leaver.I live with my family: father, mather, I have

one sister and one brother. All my Familymembers are

cathalics.We the memders of our family are very friendly.

We celebrate all Lithuanian holidays together. My favourite

group is B‘avarija. My favourite singer is Andrius

Mamontovas and also every yang person has a favourite

pop graup.

Mass media in Lithuania(apie žiniasklaidą)

TV, radio, newspapess or magazines ore very popular in

Lithuania, as there are a lot of TV channels so the young

people mostly like LNK, TV3, TV4 channels, as there are

more interesting films, more music, various games. Radio

is also very popular among yang people. They like to listen

to pop music. Of course our taste in music personal. I think

that music is not horn. It effects positive on every person.

Every teenager has his favorite singer. My favorite singer is

Andrius Mamontovas and also every yang person has a

favorite pop groups. My favorite pop group is B‘avarija.

My favorite music group is Naktinės personos. There is a

great veriely of press in Lithuania nowadays. The most

popular newspaper in Lithuania is „Lietuvos rytas“. It is

popular not only among young, at al to about older people

there we find what is happening in Lithuania and in the world.

We find articles on political events, sports, the life of interesting

people and so on. There are also many other newspapers and

magazines. Our newspaper “Anykšta” gives much material about

the life of the people in our district.

Education and school(švietimas mokykloje)

My school is A. Baranauskas secondary school. It is in Salomėjos

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