Does age have any influence on happiness
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Does age have any influence on happiness

Does age have any influence on happiness? What is the ideal age to be? What

are some advantages and disadvantages of being that age? Give reasons to

support your opinion.

The world is motley. There live more than 6 milliard people who have

different appearance, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. and are in various


Does age have much influence on happiness? In my own opinion age has

the influence on happiness. When you are a little child, you have no

problems, sorrows, you live for yourself, enjoy the time spending with

other people, you are provided with everything and live feeling warmth of

parents. So, you are really happy. Later you’re a teenager. Then the first

problems appear: bad marks at school, quarrels with friends,

misunderstanding between you and parents. During this time you’re always

named naughty, rebellious persons. So, age from 12 till 17 has more

disadvantages. However, despite this you can be happy.

From 18 you become an adult. Your point of view to life is

formulated. You have experience. More you have it, wiser you are. Happiness

is imagined as luck of family, children, supplied life, good relationship

with relatives, a well – paid job, good health. When you are older, you can

better estimate your position and to know how lucky you are. Otherwise,

everybody understands happiness in their own way. There are people who

enjoy everyday of life. No matter what age they are. They don’t pay big

attention to problems: if they have them, they will say it is a God’s wish.

To sum up, people can be happy in different age. However, you have to

create your own happiness.