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Earth sos

Earth’s SOS

Today there are lots of problems in the world, but the main problem probably is pollution, because it’s becoming extremely dangerous. The Pollution Prevention established a national policy to prevent or reduce pollution at its source whenever feasible. Specific benefits include:

 Cleaner air and water

 Reduced soil erosion

 Conservation of natural resources

 Savings on electric and water bills

 Less solid waste in landfills

Environment pollution has advantages and disadvantages. We should discuse about problems and verdict, environmental damage and organizations which are protecting environment. Our environment is mostly polluted by big factories, because they outpour toxic waist in to air. Also our air is polluted by people who smoke and by old car fumes. People are cutting down rain forests – the lungs of the earth, more and more different plant and animal species are dying, because of acid rains. Governments and people should care more about our environment: make smoking illegal, forbid old cars close dangerous factories, and try to save nature. One of the main problems in our community is the environmental problem and also wandering dogs. Whenever we meet wandering dogs, we can call the local animal service to take them away. People should be against illegal hunting and fur coats, because it’s just animal killing. The best known organization which is protecting our environment is called “Green Peace” – the main purpose of this organization is to keep our world clean and green for future generations. There are also organizations like “PELA“ – which are fighting for animals rights.Over the years, there have been many religious groups and cult organisations telling us that the world is going to the end, and they are right about that. Unfortunately, these religions and cult groups have mis-understood the Earth’s Guides and told us that if we don’t believe their religious interpretation of them, we will surely be tortured and die. Mankind is now the number one cause of all the destruction happening on Earth.

Radiation is one the world`s problem. It`s not good for health of people. Many people died from radiation. Radiation is energy travelling through space. Sunshine is one of the most familiar forms of radiation. It delivers light, heat and suntans. We control its effect on us with sunglasses, shade, air conditioners, hats, clothes and sunscreen. There would be no life on earth without lots of sunlight, but we have increasingly recognised that too much of it on our persons is not a good thing. In fact it may be dangerous, so we control our exposure to it. Radiation has always been present in the environment and in our bodies. However, we can and should minimise unnecessary exposure to significant levels of man-made radiation. Radiation is very easily detected. There is a range of simple, sensitive instruments capable of detecting minute amounts of radiation from natural and man-made sources. There are four ways in which people are protected from identified radiation sources: limiting time, distance, shielding, containment. Radiation protection standards are based on the conservative assumption that the risk is directly proportional to the dose, even at the lowest levels, though there is no evidence of risk at low levels.

The seas and oceans are being poisoned by chemical products, oils, industrial and human waste. On land, especially in the industrial countries where most waste is actually „manufactured“, there is increasingly little room to bury it and even when buried, noxious elements leech out and destroy the health of the area. An even greater problem is the disposal of atomic waste, unsafe to dump into the sea and even more unsafe to bury under the land. An alternative possibility, that of sending it out into space, would perhaps create other more serious dangers, not immediately apparent to us. „Green peace” exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. They said: “We must go from a world powered by nuclear and fossil fuels to one running on renewable energy.” “Green peace” strain to stop climate change, save seas, protect ancient forests, say no to genetic engineering, eliminate toxic chemicals, end the nuclear threat, encourage sustainable trade, abolish nuclear weapons.

Wild animals live in special territories and reservations, where they get all care they need. It seems very good, but on the other hand – many animals are kept in the zoos, behind the bars so that everyone could see how a monkey or a snake looks like. Many wild animals are in danger of extinction because forests are destroyed. And many species are extinct every year. But almost any wild animal extinction is caused by people. Because people made dams and roads, cut forests and polluted the water. Wild animals live in many rainforests. They are in danger of extinction, rainforests are being destroed now. The problem is that human interests are protected by rights in general and by the right to own property in particular. As far as the law is concerned, an animal is personal property, or chattel, of the animal’s owner and cannot possess rights. Indeed, it is a fundamental premise of our property law that property cannot itself have rights as against human owners and that, as property, animals are objects of the exercise of human property rights.

We know what harm carbon
monoxide, tobacco smoke, radon and asbestos can do. Other indoor pollutants are substances that are new or whose effects are less well-known. Water pollution, even in the water we don’t drink, is a serious threat to health. Water quality is defined as water that is safe, drinkable and appealing to all life on Earth. Water pollution is caused by direct and indirect containment sources. Direct sources include factory, refinery, etc. outpourings that emit tier fluids straight into their water. Indirect sources are the substances that enter the water supply through rainwater. The effects of polluted water are harmful and dangerous, such as poisonous drinking water, poisonous food animals, unbalanced river and lake ecosystems that can no longer support full biological diversity, deforestation from acid rain, and many other effects.

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