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What do you think about profile education? What are advantages and disadvantages of it?

Education always was very important thing for everybody. A lot of year ago only some nobles or dignitaries could get education. Later education became more and more available for all people. Nowadays there are a lot of education institutions, where can all people get an education.

At first, children begin to go to school, to primary school for four years, then to secondary school. At that time pupils can choose to leave school after the tenth form or after twelfth form. Also they can choose to go to gymnasium. Of course, it is harder to study in gymnasium than in basic school, but if want to pass an examination very well gymnasium is a very good place. Many pupils say that it is very hard to study all subjects, but in gymnasium not all subjects are compulsory for us like it is in the secondary schools. I think that profile education is very good because we can concentrate on the subjects we need to. In the eleventh form we can choose from many subjects, so we choose subjects, which are important for us, also we can choose to take certain subjects at different levels: basic (B) or advanced (A). It is also an advantage of profile education, for example I am interest in biology, but I won’t take an exam of this subject, so I study biology at basic level. So if we have to study all subjects at advanced level at school, we would be more tired than now and not everyone could be a student of gymnasium. Moreover, if class is languages class and all pupils are sure that they would not need subjects like chemistry, physics, music lesson and lessons of handicrafts, so why they have to learn these things? Everyone gets a general education about these things up to eleventh form and it is very important because all we have to have a general education. And last two years all can concentrate on only needful things and prepare for exams. In my opinion profile education is the best way to pass an examination as well as possible. If I were a head of school, the profile education would begin in the ninth form. Mathematics, Lithuanian, English, history and computer study would be compulsory subjects, because these subjects are the most important in our life. All we must know how to count and other mathematics things, all we have to know our language, also English, because English language is future language, we must know also about world history, computer studies are very important too, because now to have a computer and know how to work with it is a necessity not an advantage.

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