Entertainment free time
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Entertainment free time

Free Time. Entertainment.

Someone has counted about one thousand personal interests and ways to spend one’s free time. Collecting coins, stamps and postcards is one of the most popular pastime activities. Lots of people are interested in music, art, cinema and theatre. Some people like taking photos or camcordering. Millions of people are fond of music and sport.

I don’t have much time for leisure during the week. Apart from music school most of my time is spent at school. It’s said that school is our second home, I strongly agree with this. But, however, I find some time for leisure. At the weekends I like to visit friends, but my passion is books.

Some people think that as more and more people have television in their homes, fewer and fewer will read books. My opinion is quite opposite. I am fond of reading that’s why I don’t agree with people who say that reading is just a waste of time. Why read book when the TV can bring you the same information in a few minutes and with pictures, colors and action? Television has not killed reading, however. I enjoy reading all kind of books. I prefer books which are easy to read, true-to-life. I like books with unpredictable endings and full of suspense. I’m a great reader of romantic novel books. My favorite author is William Shakespeare; I have read many his books. The books of this author are really worth to read and I recommend everybody to read them.

I think television filled with many commercials and low quality films will never replace a good book, because even the best TV version can not represent writer’s idea. Books broaden our outlook and develop our imagination. They are still a cheap way to get information and entertainment. I think it is equally important to read books, because they are wonderful source of knowledge and pleasure.

There are two kinds of people who are interested in sport: people who take part in various sport activities and people who only watch sport on television. I belong to such kind of people. Of course, it’s very easy to make fun of stay-at-home sports fans, but on the other hand, television doesn’t enable us to enjoy all kind of sports events. The first time I watched a basketball match was on television, and I found it unexpectedly interesting. Of course, I can get used to sitting indoors all the time and this is dangerous.

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