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I think that everyone need free time, everyone likes to spend some time just for themselves. People like different forms of entertainment. Some of them like active others not so lively employment.

I don’t like dangerous and silly entertainment like hunting, gambling in casino, drinking alcohol, betting on races and others.

My free time is active. I like to go to nightclubs, concerts where I can dance till morning and listen to the music that I like. Usually after school I go to basketball training. On weekends I go to basketball mach and after that sometimes I feel very tired and the best entertainment is to watch TV, play with computer, read newspapers or magazines, listen to the radio.

In Lithuania are five main television channels: LTR (national channel), TV3, LNK, TV4 and TANGO TV. Usually I watch TV3 and LNK. The best serial for me is “Sopranai”. I hate watching boring talk shows, old films, current affairs, interviews with politics or economists, discussions and documentaries.

I like to read girl’s magazine “Panele” where and boys can find many interesting articles. From quality newspapers I choose “Kauno diena”. I like “Vakaro zinios” which focuses more on sensation than on real news, it prefers stories about Lithuanian stars, crimes and sensations it’s a tabloid newspaper.

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