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To my mind entertainment is very important in our life. We are very busy every day and we need tohave a rest and to relax. And the best thin to relax is to do what you like or want.

For young people, I think, the best way for relaxing is meeting friends and going somewhere with them. You can go to the cinema, coffee or to the club. In the cinema you can watch a good film and you will feel realy relaxed. I like cinema very much. I try to see all the best films that are on at the cinema. If you go the coffee you can order something to eat or just to have a goog time while talking and laughing with your friends. To the clubs young people usually go at the weekends, especially on Fridays or Saturdays. It is so because they don’t have next day to go to school or university. At the club you can have a good time while meeting your friends or making new ones, listening to the music and dancing. I think that it is a realy good way to enteratin yourself.

Other good way to relax or to have a good time is just sitting at home and watching TV or listening to the radio. You can do that, then it is raining or snowing outside or you just don’t have any mood to go anywhere. You cn watch lot’s of channels in Lithuania, especially when you have cabel televisio. In Lithuania there are four channles: LNK, TV4, LRT and TV3. There are regional televisions too. To my mind the best ones are LNK and TV3. The most interesting programs to me is talkshows like “Nomeda”. But there is one bad thing about TV. There are too many commercials. They just irritate people. If you don’t want to watch TV you can listen to the radio. My favourite radiostation is “M-1”. In my opinion this station is for people of all ages, interests and tastes.

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