Enviromental problems
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Enviromental problems

Enviromental Problems

The Earth is a beautiful place where many living things live and reproduce their kinds. For thousands years most animals peacefully co-exist with the surrounding environment. They don’t try to change it. Moreover, usually environment affects animals and changes their appearance and habits. Although man is an animal too he differs significantly from other species. He has intelligence. Man constantly moves forward discovering new things and trying to make his life more comfortable. Unfortunately, not every people’s effort on their way to a better life is advantageous and beneficial change for this planet. As history shows human activity has been damaging the Earth by not only irrationally using its nature but also influencing the planet with technological discoveries.

Current condition of our planet is truly miserable. Polluted waters and air, global warming, acid rains, sun’s radiation, clearcutted forests, coastal damages are the results of human activity mostly of the last hundred years. Feckless use of water and land ruin the natural animal and plant habitat and leads to the loss of their species. Because of mass logging less oxygen is produced and more carbon dioxide is remained in the air.

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