Environmental problems1
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Environmental problems1

Do you ever think about the disasters which can strike you? Not the ones which can cause problems to your personal life, but those which are disastrous to all living beings. At first it does not seem that there are such problems, but to tell you the truth there are lots of them. Air pollution, water pollution, acid rains, ozone layer depletion, smog, rainforest destruction, overpopulation, global warming. This is not the end of this list and we can find something new to add everyday. People are seeking only for benefit ant they usually forget to do their jobs in the safest ways. For example there are lots of companies which spill their waste to lakes and rivers. As a result all fauna in the water dies and it takes a lot of time to renew old situation. Another important problem is that factories spread dangerous fumes which pollute our air. Acid rain and smog is caused by this. Smog has also harmful influence to our health. To sum up we should carefully plan our actions before doing such terrible mistakes.

The Europen Greens want eco-development. The eceonomy must adapt to what the natural environmentcan tolerate. The aims of the Green economy are ecological sustainability, equality and social justice as well as self-reliance of local and regional economies, encouraging a true sense of community. Eco-development has to be based on democracy, transparency, gender equality and the right of all people to express themselves and participate fully in decision-making.

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