European union
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European union

European Union

The topic that I have chosen is European Union. EU is a union of fifteen independent states based on the European Communities and founded to enhase political, economic and social co-operation. It was created after World War II to unite the nations of Europe. Fifteen countries are members of the EU, and some 370 million people share the common institutions and policies.

The headquarters of the EU are in Brusels. About 1,500 people work there. The most important of them are the President of Commission Romano Prodi and fourteen commisioners. They are in office for four years and they are responsible to the European parliament, which accepts and rejects their ideas. The European Parliament is composed of 626 members, directly elected to five- year terms.

More than 130 countries maintain diplomatic relations with the EU, and the EU has over 100 delegations around the world. The EU maintains special trade and aid relationships with many developing countries. It works hard to promote Europen business, industry and free trade. EU’s decisions and laws affect education, employment, energy, the enviroment, foreign aid, and human rights, medical and scientific research and the transport.

EU encourages Lithuania to pursue and speed up the process of privatisation and the restructuring of the energy sector; notes that the process of restructuring and modernisation has been accompanied by a sharp rise in unemployment, encourages Lithuania to complete the reform of agriculture in a consistent fashion, paying special attention to the issue of modernisation in farming sector and in building up administrative structures in this area not least in order to make possible the reception and effective use of EU aid

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