Extreme sports1
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Extreme sports1

There are many extreme sports but I have chosen the one I like very much. I’ am going to talk about parachuting.

Have you ever thought of being a pilot and driving thru the clouds. If you did you should try parachuting because it helps you to gain even bigger effect than fling in a plane and you don’t have to study hard to make a jump.

To begin with a first jump consists of 2 parts: the first one is theory which takes 2-3 hours. After that all people go to the plane and then a priest comes to sanctify. Then this is done the plane goes up to the sky. When it reaches 800m, that is the default height for the first jump, people jump out. The height is only 800 meters due to the parachutes for the first jump can’t be controlled in the air. When you jump you have about 2-3 seconds of free fall which are unforgettable and about 3 minutes of falling down. Those three minutes are wonderful. After landing all group has a lot of impressions to talk about. Later on they get diplomas and leave home. It costs about 100lt for the first time and later it goes cheaper due to you don’t have to listen the theory.

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