Lucky to be alive1
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Lucky to be alive1

Lucky to be alive

It was a sunny Sunday morning in Hawaii. Two men Joshua and Mark were on the beach. The beach was empty. They were going to surf. Mark was relaxed, but Joshua was confused. He thought that it’s a bad idea. There was a sign on the golden beach “No swimming – sharks”. They just ignored it. Mark said: “I must do it”. The sea was just perfect for surfing. The waves were crashing. So they started surfing.

They were surfing for a while, when suddenly a huge shark appeared. Mark started yelling: “Watch out, it’s a shark!” They started paddling towards the beach. But shark was fast approaching them. They were desperately trying to break loose the shark. Then Mark shouted to Joshua:”Jump onto my board and push yours towards the shark”. Joshua did so. The shark started chasing the empty board which crashed in peaces in sharks’ mouth.

Finally, they successfully reached the shore. They felt relieved and of course they were lucky to be alive.