Mobile phones modern menace
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Mobile phones modern menace


1 in 4 children in the UK have been bullied or threatened via their mobile phone or PC according to a survey commissioned by leading UK children’s charity NCH . The results, announced today (April 15), have led NCH to call for greater awareness of the problem amongst parents and teachers, and better education for children and young people on how to deal with 21st century bullying techniques.

Mobile phones appear to be the most commonly abused medium with 16% of young people saying they’d received bullying or threatening text messages, followed by 7% who had been harassed in Internet chat-rooms and 4% via e-mail. Worryingly when asked who they had reported the bullying to, 29% of those surveyed said that they told no one. Of the 69% who did tell someone 42% turned to a friend and 32% to a parent.

John Carr, Associate Director of NCH’s Children and Technology Unit, says:

“On-line bullying is a modern menace which needs to be addressed. If we want our children to benefit from all the good things IT has to offer, we need to protect them from the risks it poses.

NCH’s concern is that children as young as 11 are being faced with taunts or threats from an often anonymous source. They’re either not telling anyone and suffering in silence, or are confiding in people who themselves don’t know how to deal with it effectively. The more people know that it happens, the easier it will be for children to cope with on-line bullying.”

NCH has three simple pieces of advice for children and young people to remember:

 Don’t put up with bullying! Always tell someone you trust what’s happening – your Mum or Dad, a teacher or a friend – and try to find a way to stop it.

 Always be careful who you give your mobile phone number or e-mail address out to. If you do start being bullied through your phone or computer, your mobile phone or Internet service provider can help you by changing your number or address;

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