My english classes at vilnius univ
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My english classes at vilnius univ

In Lithuania English language is teached in many schools and universities. Vilnius University isn`t an exeption. In history faculty we are studying this discipline two years – in the first and the second course of studies and then we have to pass our final exam.

In this essay I intend to look at some arguments for and against English classes at Vilnius University.

In my opinion, it could be three arguments against English classes at Vilnius University. First of all some teachers aren`t good specialists, so they can not teach at all. Or on the contrary, sometimes very good specialists just aren`t prepared to work with people, because they don`t know how to communicate with them. In the second place there are only few teachers, who are devoted to their work – most of them aren`t interested in the results of their teaching. And in the third place many students aren`t anxious for studying English, because the most part of English classes are boring and tedious so they do not show any initiative. So as we see, the main arguments against English classes are related with teachers characteristics and their capability to teach.

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