National parks
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National parks

Fauna and flora

There are hundred of species of animals throughout the world disappearing because o hunting or man’s interference in their natural habitat. However the Lithuanians fauna and flora is very varied and it a fact that many animals that now no longer live in the northern part of Western Europe can still be found in Lithuania.

There are about 4000 small and large lakes in Lithuania occupying about 1.5 per cent of the whole area. The total length f Lithuanian waterways are 628 kilometers. Furthermore the Lithuania in-land waters are inhabited by 57 kinds of fish also about one third of Lithuania is densely forested in particular the south and the east of the country. With pine, spruce, birch…

There are five national parks in Lithuania and a huge number of nature reserves as Cepkeliai Zuvintas Kamanos, Nemunas Loop’s regional park and so on… what is more the highlight is the Curonian spit national park with a special environment of huge dunes, pine forests, beaches lagoons and see coasts. As estimated 900 plant species grow in the Curonian Spit, and 31 of them are on the Red list of Lithuania. Bird never leave park. In addition to this late in autumn, when it gets quiet in the continent and lakes become empty more that 300 birds species can we seen in the spot. The geography of the Curonian spit is well suited for scientist studying bird migration routes. Each season about 10 to 11 thousand birds are ringed there. More that one hundred rare bird’s species breed in the national park. Not only plants, birds have their habitats but also various species of animas successfully and safely live grow and procreate here.

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