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Oak (Quercus) – a genus of the oak-tree family having about 600

species. The most common kind found in Europe is the ordinary oak (Quercus

robur), and in America – the red oak (Quercus rubra). Ordinary oaks grow

naturally in forests of Lithuania, taking 1.8 % of total forest area. The

greatest number of oak-woods is located in Middle Lithuania Lowland; their

number is slightly lesser in south-eastern part of the country, and even

more so – in the south. Oaks reach 30-40 m in height, and 1,5-2 m in

diameter. This tree lives for 500-1,000 years, sometimes even for 1,500

years. Oaks are suitable for cutting down at the age of 120-160 years.

Oak timber has nice texture, its alburnum is narrow and yellowish, the

kernel is light or dark brown with wide (false) and narrow heart rays. Oak

timber is notable for outstanding technical characteristics; it is solid,

hard and very steadfast in air, soil and especially water. Oak parquet is

the least dependable on changes in microclimate of premises. Thanks to its

hardness, colour and texture, oak is the most popular sort of parquet for

both classical and modern interiors.

[pic]Ash (Fraxinus) trees are widespread throughout Europe. Ordinary

ashes (Fraxinus excelsior) grow naturally in Lithuania, taking 2.7 % of

total forest area. Nearly 80 % of ash-groves are found in Middle Lithuania

Lowland, especially in its northern part (regions of Pakruojis, Panevėžys,

Joniškis, and Pasvalys). Ashes reach 30-35 m in height, and 60-70 cm in

diameter. This tree grows rapidly, especially at the age of 20-50 years; it

lives for 200-300 years, and are suitable for cutting down at the age of

100-120 years.

The oak has light-colored, yellowish-whitish laburnum and light

brownish kernel. Its heart rays are not very distinct; however, the tangent

section produces a very beautiful pattern. The ash timber is notable for

its good physical and mechanical characteristics. Being heavy, solid and

hard, it is also flexible and elastic; it shrinks little, and is easily


[pic]Beech (Fagus) – a genus of the beech-tree family, found in Europe,

Asia and America. In Europe, the ordinary beech (Fagus sylvatica), also

called European, is the most common sort of beech. Beeches do not grow

naturally in Lithuanian forests; they are only grown in parks. Beeches

reach 30-40 m in height and 2 m in diameter. This tree grows rapidly until

100-150 years, after that it grows very slowly; it lives for 200-300 years.

Beech timber is white with yellowish or brownish hue that becomes more

distinct in the air; it has nice texture without kernel (however, often

beeches have seeming kernel) with distinct heart rays. Beech timber is

heavy, thick, and solid, but when drying it cracks, and warps. Being light-

colored, it is widely used in the production of parquet, which, however,

can be unstable due to its poor moisture-resistant qualities.

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[pic]Maple (Acer) – a genus of the maple-tree family, found in Europe,

Asia and America. The ordinary maple (Acer platanoides), also called

European, is the most commonly found maple sort in Europe. In Lithuanian

forests, maples usually form mixed stands with oaks, lime-trees, fir-trees

and asps. Maple timber make up about 0.1 % of the total growing stock in

Lithuanian forests. Owing to its extremely hard timber, sugar (or Canadian)

maple (Acer saccharum) is widely used in the production of parquet. This

sort of maple grows naturally in North America.

Maple wood has no kernel; it is yellowish, sometimes with reddish hue;

the longitudinal section reveals heart rays that impart wood with luster.

Maple timber has nice texture; it is monolithic, thick, very solid, and


[pic]Birch (Betula) – a genus of the birch-tree family. Warty birch

(Betula verrucosa) prevails among four kinds of this tree growing naturally

in Lithuania. Birch groves take 20 % of the total Lithuanian forest area.

Birches grow up to 30 m. This tree grows rapidly until the age of 50-60

years when it stops growing; it lives for 100-150 years, and is suitable

for cutting down at the age of 60-80 years.

Birch timber is whitish with yellowish or reddish hue; its rings are

indistinct. Birch timber is medium hard, that is why it is not widely used

in the production of parquet.

[pic]Merbau (Intsia acuminata) – tropical deciduous tree found in

Indonesia. Its deep red timber is among the hardest ones. These qualities

make merbau parquet very often used in modern interiors, as well as in

premises visited by great numbers of people (shops, bars, etc.).

[pic]Merbau (Intsia acuminata) – tropical deciduous tree found in

Indonesia. Its deep red timber is among the hardest ones. These qualities

make merbau parquet very often used in modern interiors, as well as in

premises visited by great numbers of people (shops, bars, etc.).

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The oldest, traditional sort of parquet is made of hardwood. It is also

called single parquet. Usually the width of parquet boards is 40-70 mm,

length – 250-500 mm, thickness – 15 mm, and wearing surface – 7 mm (see

picture). Board profile is cut out to within 0.1 mm.


dimensions and quality determines the price of parquet. Longer

and wider boards are more expensive, while the narrower and shorter ones

cost less.

The optimum parquet humidity is 8 ± 2 %. Parquet will remain stable in

premises having normal microclimate conditions (relative air humidity – 40-

60 %, temperature – 15-25 °C). Flooring of parquet with humidity exceeding

10 % tends to shrink, which causes the appearance of cracks. Flooring of

parquet with humidity below 6 % tends to dilate, which results in the

appearance of protuberances.

Single parquet is packed into leak-proof, sealed packaging of

polythene, with area from 0.6 to 1.68 m2.

In case you have chosen single parquet for your flooring, it is

necessary to contact a reliable company, which will properly carry out the

jobs of surface preparation, parquet selection, laying, polishing and

varnishing. Technologically successful performance of all these operations

is required to assure the splendid quality of single parquet.

( More about sorts and dimensions pleas read in page 9 ).


Parquet board is relatively new natural wood flooring of unique

construction. This product is very practical, as parquet boards are put

into shields in the plant (height 137 mm, width 205 mm, and length 2 400

mm), completely polished and varnished with five UV lacquer coats (this

lacquer is resistant to ultraviolet rays, and does not change its color

with time). All that remains is to lay parquet boards. Being very

practical, parquet boards form the greater part of natural parquet market

in Western Europe.

Parquet board is constructed of three layers of natural wood: outer –

of natural hardwood (4 mm thick), middle – of coniferous wood (8 mm thick),

and lower – of coniferous veneer (2 mm thick). Different wood layers are

glued in such a way that fibers of different layers are vertical to each

other. This reduces the mobility of outer hardwood layer to minimum.

Usually the outer layer of parquet board consists of three planks,

while the hardwood layer is made up of separate 70 mm wide and 200-450 mm

long small planks. One shield (dimensions: width – 205 mm, length – 2 400

mm) consists of three rows of small planks. This type is analogous to


– 4 –

|[pic] |Two-plank parquet board has the same construction as |

| |three-plank parquet boards. One shield dimensions: width|

| |- 137 mm, length – 2 400 mm. |

4 mm natural wood layer makes it possible to renew parquet 2-4 times,

depending on thickness of polished surface. Depending on the intensity of

wearing out, the first renovation of a parquet board will be required after

10-15 years, and later renovations – after 6-8 years.

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