Radiation effect
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Radiation effect

Today I’m going to talk about: Radiation effects

I’ve divided my presentation into one parts:

First I’d like to introduce radiation effects, and second I’ll deal

with the effects.

So, let’s start with introduce radiation effects

Radiation Effects,

effects observed when ionizing radiation strikes living tissue and

damages the molecules of cellular matter. Cellular function may be

temporarily or permanently impaired from the radiation, or the cell may be

destroyed. The severity of the injury depends on the type of radiation, the

absorbed dose, the rate at which the dose was absorbed, and the

radiosensitivity of the tissues involved. The effects are the same, whether

from a radiation source outside the body or from material within.

1) Biological,

The biological effects of a large dose of radiation delivered rapidly

differ greatly from those of the same dose delivered slowly. The effects of

rapid delivery are due to cell death, and they become apparent within

hours, days, or weeks. Protracted exposure is better tolerated because some

of the damage is repaired while the exposure continues, even if the total

dose is relatively high. If the dose is sufficient to cause acute clinical

effects, however, repair is less likely and may be slow even if it does

occur. Exposure to doses of radiation too low to destroy cells can induce

cellular changes that may be detectable clinically only after some years.


High whole-body doses of radiation produce a characteristic pattern of

injury. Doses are measured in grays or rads, 1 gray being equal to the dose

absorbed when one kilogram of matter absorbs one joule of ionizing

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