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Smoking is very harmful for the health of everybody. First of all, tobacco causes more illnesses than anything else, for example lung cancer, heart diseases and other serious illnesses. Also, smokers do harm not only for their health, but also for non – smoker’s health too. Moreover, tobacco smoke contains chemicals that induce mutations.

People begin smoking for several reasons. First of all, cigarettes are easily available; they can be acquired at a corner shop or got from a friend. Besides, a lot of people are under stress today, have to work very hard, they always have money and family problems and as a result they worry too much. People believe, that a cigarette can help them to relax. What is more, teenagers find smoking interesting and attractive because of the dizziness that they feel afterwards.

There are some factors that discourage people from smoking. First of all, it is very fine that cigarette promotions have been banned on television in several areas and there has been endless discussion of how to discourage children from taking the habit. Besides, gruesome films are shown of pathetic hospital patients in the advanced stages of lung cancer. Also, the anti – smoking companies can organize actions, which help a person to understand that smoking is really harmful to health.

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