Something that tourists should know about vilnius
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Something that tourists should know about vilnius

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Vilnius …. gymnasium

Something that tourists should know about Vilnius

Vilnius, 2002


Although Lithuania is not a big country, but it has wonderful green forests, wide fields and cities full of interesting sights. Our country is situated in the center of Europe. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. It’s lively, full of energy and originality city. You can have a great fun in clubs, get a little culture in theatres, see the old town or even have a bussiness trip.

We have our independence only for about years, but city is developing very fast. Only decade ago it was hard o find a decent hotel, to have a good meal or to find some place to have fun at night. Now you can choose hotels taking into account price, comfort or even stile, you can have a dinner in different cultures restaurants and a lot of young people are in the at night

Our city is developing. Last ten years was a big break through and now we all hope that it will only get better. Now each year we can see more tourists in Vilnius. Our government is doing everything they can to satisfy tourists from big developed countries. So we decided to do something too.

In our work, we preset great amount of hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants and interesting sights. It could help tourists to decide where he wants to stay, where to eat and what places to visit. Here you can find addresses, prices and recommendations.

Legend about Vilnius

The establishment of the City of Vilnius has a very popular legend. Once upon a time the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas was hunting in the holy woods of the Valley of Šventaragis. Tired after the successful day hunt the Grand Duke settled for night there. He fell asleep soundly and had a dream. A huge iron wolf was standing on top a hill and the sound of hundreds of other wolves inside it filled all surrounding fields and woods. Upon wakeup, the Duke asked the pagan priest Lizdeika to reveal the secret of the dream. And he told: „What is destined for the ruler and the state of Lithuania, let it be: the iron wolf means a castle and a town which will be established by the ruler on this site. The town will be the capital of the Lithuanian lands and the dwelling of rulers the and glory of their deeds shall echo throughout the world“.

General information

Lithuania is situated on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea and covers 65.300 sq. km. The length of coastline is 99 km. The capital city is Vilnius. It is situated 300 km East of the Baltic seashore at the confluence of the Neris and Vilnele rivers surrounded by beautiful forested hills. Total area of Vilnius is 394 sq. km. Most northerly point of Vilnius is 54° 50′ Lat N, most southerly point – 54° 34′ Lat N, most westerly point – 25° 02′ Long E, most easterly point – 25° 30′ Long E. Highest point of Vilnius – 230,7 m. in the eastern part of town, nearby Rokantiskiu settlement. The geographical centre of continental Europe lays in Lithuania (24 km north of Vilnius). It was calculated by the National Geographical Institute of France in 1989. Population

The population of Lithuania totaled 3,7 million at the beginning of 1999. Of this 81,3% were Lithuanians, 8,4% Russians, 7% Poles, 1,5% Byelorussians, 1% Ukrainians, 0,1% Jews and 0,7% Germans, Latvians, Tatars, Gypsies and others. Lithuania is mostly Roman Catholic, while Russian Orthodox, Evangelical Lutheran and Baptist believers are also represented. Vilnius population is 600,000. of this 52,8% are Lithuanians, 19,2% – Russians, 19,2% – Poles, 4,8% – Byelorussians, 0,7 – Jews, 3,3% – others.


You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but in Lithuania it certainly seems that you can judge a hotel by its doorman or receptionist. If, as you step into your prospective hotel, you are met by a jowly, grey-faced doorman in a grey suit and brown shoes, you can bet you’re headed for trouble. But this is a rarer and rarer occurrence in the Lithuanian capital. The hotel scene in Vilnius has markedly improved in recent years, and it’s getting better all the time.

Business Guest House: Saltoniškių 44. This hotel is really more of a mini-resort. The backyard, indoor pool, sauna complex and comfy breakfast area in a winter garden give you the feeling you’re staying over with suburban friends. Furnishings are plush. Prices range from 80 dollars to 190 for the deluxe.

Centrum: Vytenio 9/25. A new-age hotel inside an enormous, glass-filled business center. After opening in 1995, it quickly gained a reputation for quality and service. There’s a luxurious sauna and pool room downstairs. For the level of quality, this hotel is well-priced. A double goes for about 125 dollars. Centrum is creating something of an empire with two other like hotels in the city center, including Ratonda (see below). Their newest edition is Artis, Liejyklos 11/23. All three hotels are ideal for business travelers.

City Park Hotel: L. Stuokos-Gucevičiaus 3. In the old city, a skip and a jump away from Cathedral Square. The owners are German, the same ones who own the fine Mabre Residence Hotel. Very good location and friendly staff. Not quite as richly decorated as its sister hotel, but you can’t go wrong coming here. Doubles: 125 dollars.

Domina Plaza Luxury
Apartments: Didžioji 39. A block of high-class apartments in the old city, a good alternative to staying in a more traditional hotel. The over 20-some rooms contain all the amenities of a genuine home: from fully equipped kitchens to satellite TVs to dining rooms. A two-room apartment with a king-sized bed is about 150 dollars a night; the three- and four-room apartments range from 200-250 dollars. Despite being an apartment complex, where you have the freedom to basically do what you want (including to have other guests over for the night), Domina Plaza includes a reception desk, security and parking.

Europa Imperial: Aušros Vartų 6. A luxurious, 32-room hotel with standard singles and doubles, plus the so called Round Suite, a circular room on the roof and filled with windows. It overlooks a Russian church and has a stunning panoramic view of the old city. It’s got to be one of the most romantic spots in Vilnius, suited for newly weds or lovers of any stripe. Fireplaces and a spiral staircase add to the ambience of the Europa. A double is about 120 dollars.

Europa Residence: Pilies 10. There’s no doubting the style and elegance of this hotel in the old town. The rooms are some of the best-looking in Vilnius, luxurious and palatial, with fine furniture. Downstairs, a cavern has been transformed into a disco, the noise from which can penetrate first-floor rooms. Doubles 125 dollars, to 220 for apartments.

Grotthuss: Ligoninės 7. An elegant boutique hotel in the middle of the old city. The owner, Baroness Edita von Grothuss, has instilled home-like atmosphere with tasteful and brightly colored rooms. All 21 rooms have good ISDN internet connection. Suited for business travelers. Doubles: 140 dollars.

Grybas House: Aušros Vartų 3a. Very good location in the old city, near the Gates of Dawn. Tucked down a garden-like courtyard. A quaint, small-sized guest house/hotel in a medieval building. A double is around 110 dollars.

Ida Basar: Subačiaus 1. Near Ausros Vartu. Four comfortable apartments. From 100 to 150 dollars.

Le Meridien Villon Vilnius: 20 km from Vilnius along the A2 (the Vilnius-Riga highway. This roadside hotel is so quiet and peaceful it almost has the feel of a religious retreat. Set some 20 minutes out of the city, the Villon has no space constraints and stretches out amid rolling hills, pine and birch trees. It looks oddly out of place in a no-man’s land next to one of the main trans-Baltic highways. But if you have a car or don’t mind taking shuttles, the Villon is highly recommended. This foreign-owned hotel has all the creature comforts, including an outstanding restaurant, a nightclub, and a terrific health club. Reasonable prices: around 120 dollars for a standard double room.

Mabre Residence Hotel: Maironio 13. On the east edge of the old city, not far from St. Anne’s Church. A German-run hotel that was once an Orthodox monastery. Great location, brilliant atmosphere, very good service. Considering the quality, this hotel is very good value for your money: a double runs about 125 dollars.

Mano Liza (My Liza): Ligoninės 5. In the old city. A clean, quaint guest house/hotel run by a Lithuanian-American and named after his Finnish wife, Liza. Very cozy, very friendly. Doubles run from 80 to 140 dollars.

Narutis: Pilies 24, in the old city. A green, glass-sided hydraulic lift whisks you up five floors from the cellar restaurant through the glass-topped courtyard to the comfortable, modern rooms with cheerful use of color, bright green banisters, blue tables and reddish wood furnishings. The thin, motelesque aqua-blue carpets are a bit off, but with big beds and restored frescoes in some rooms, you can’t quibble. Lithuania’s declaration of independence was made here in 1918. Given the quality and location, prices are reasonable: doubles are around 100 dollars a night.

Radisson SAS Astorija Hotel Vilnius: Didžioji 35/2. Anything with the Radisson brand name starts off with a reputation for class, and this one is in a beautifully restored turn-of-the-century building right in the center of the old city. With this hotel, you just can’t miss. They are also improving all the time, now with 120 rooms on offer. This hotel also has a good bar and widely celebrated restaurant, Brasserie Astorija. A double costs from 150-400 dollars.

Ratonda: Gedimino 52/1. This hotel, tucked into a side street, has miraculously risen from a ten-year-old ruin to become a centrally-located gem. Some of the rooms can be smallish and the corridors narrow, but the cheap singles in the roof area are good value at 75 dollars. The owners, who also run the Centrum, have ensured polite staff, artsy paintings on every floor, and a lovely restaurant below. The location is close to the parliament. Doubles are 120 to 150 dollars.

Rinno: Vingrių 25, on the edge of the old city. A small-scale business hotel with 15 rooms. Spacious rooms and large bathrooms; warm colors. Lithuanian art on sale on the hotel walls. A double is between 70 and 90 dollars.

Scandic Hotel Neringa: Gedimino 23. It’s always had an excellent location in the center of Vilnius’ main street, but it’s now been taken over by the fine Scandic group and has been whipped into tip-top shape. It’s now a top class hotel boasting a wide range of facilities. Rooms are minimalist and modern. Doubles cost 175 dollars.

Shakespeare: Bernardinu 8/8. This addition to the hotel scene in the heart of the old
old English charm. The hotel bar with its deep comfortable sofas and old-boys-club atmosphere feels like it’s been there forever. Rooms are richly decorated and named after the Bard’s characters. Perfect for the weary business traveler who has had it with Scandinavian minimalism. All rooms are doubles and range from 80 to 180 dollars.

Sarunas Hotel: Raitininku 4. A spacious, modern hotel, a five-minute drive from the city center. The Sarunas Hotel is owned by former NBA basketball star and Lithuanian native Sarunas Marciulionis. It has that big American feel, reminiscent of an upscale Holiday Inn. Long, breezy hallways and a lobby so huge you could play basketball in it, and here, nobody’s likely to look askance if you do. State-of-the-art fitness room and conference halls. Solid quality and service. A double is 110 dollars.

Senatoriai: Tilto 2. On the edge of the old city, the Senatoriai packs lots of class and comfort into a small, cozy building. The modern rooms have happy-toe throw rugs and big leather chairs that can swallow you whole. Some of the rooms are on the claustrophobic side; the slanted ceilings in the attic rooms are pleasantly rustic. Doubles run from 70 to 120 dollars.

Stikliai: Gaono 7. The hotel of choice for many rich or famous; if you’re neither, they’ll still let you in. A luxurious hotel in the old city, along a narrow cobblestone street that was once the heart of the Jewish quarter. Antique cabinets, elaborate carpets and turn-of-the-century artifacts throughout. One of the most stylish and sophisticated hotels in Vilnius, with prices to show for it. Double rooms from around 150 to 300 dollars a night.

Ad Astrum: Šeimyniškių 21b. This modern, singularly friendly hotel is within walking distance of a number of good restaurants and downtown nightlife. The bright rooms range from 50 to 75 dollars.

Ambassador: Gedimino 12. Location is the main draw: it’s located at a stone’s throw from the Cathedral Square. A double is around 70 dollars per night.

Ars Viva: Liubarto 17. A short walk from beautiful Vingis Park, this small guest house has a light and airy atmosphere with comfortable rooms. Some 50 dollars for a single.

Balatonas: Latvių 38. In a quiet residential area called Žverynas. A mansion-like hotel, the Balatonas looks promising from the outside, but it’s less impressive on the inside with its purple-violet curtains and generally cool demeanor. Everything is a little overdone, like some Soviet workers’ paradise. It’s easy to imagine fat party bosses lounging around the premises. But it is quiet and clean, and you could do a lot worse. A luxurious sauna and pool in the basement. A double is 110 dollars.

Baltpark: Ukmerges 363, ten minutes out from the city center on the main road to Riga, the A2. This is a fairly novel concept for Vilnius: a modern, really good hotel not in the city center. Since it’s not, this tall, 90-room hotel is presumably able to keep prices lower while not letting service standards slip. A good double is well-priced at some 50 dollars.

Best Western Naujasis Vilnius: Ukmerges 14. This reasonably priced hotel on the north side of the river is a ten-minute walk from the city center. The Naujasis Vilnius has succeeded in doing what the big Lietuva Hotel next door couldn’t do: completely transform from the 1970s monster it was to a solid mid-range hotel. A double’s 100 dollars.

Centro Kubas: Stikliu 3. Fourteen spacious, cozy rooms in this reasonably priced five-story hotel; rooms are imaginatively decorated with authentic tools for Lithuanian country living. A double is about 80 dollars.

Elektra: Žvejų 14a. A fairly unremarkable hotel and the rooms are somewhat small. Staff are attentive and it’s not uncomfortable. A single is 75 dollars.

EMH-Elgama: Visorių 2. German run; very friendly staff. Transport to center and airport available. Doubles are around 60 dollars.

Flamingo: Liubarto 19. Reminiscent of its namesake bird, the Flamingo hotel is tall and wafer thin, with three rows of rooms reaching into the roof, the wooden walkways delicately balancing above the lounge. Small but friendly and beautifully designed, this is at the southern end of the tree-lined Žvėrynas district. Each of the 10 rooms is immaculate. Prices between 75 and 90 dollars.

Grozio Sala: Sugiharos 3. Beauty Island Hotel is a must if you feel like pampering yourself. Attached to the Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Center, has a Turkish bath and sauna, jacuzzi. Aerobics, full gym too. Beauty treatments of all kinds also on offer. Rooms start at 60 dollars.

Karolina: Sausio 13-osios 2. A quiet hotel in the Karoliniškės suburb, to the northwest of the city center; in the shadow of the capital’s famous TV tower. Recent renovations have greatly improved this formerly slightly Soviet-feeling hotel. Good conference facilities. A double is 70 dollars.

Lithuanian Telecom Guest House: Vivulskio 13a. A hotel with links, as the name implies with the country’s telecommunications company. Quite comfortable, close to the old city and, as you might expect, good phone and Internet connections. A double’s reasonable: Around 75 dollars.

Mikotel: Pylimo 63, the old city. This hotel is tucked into a fairly unruly looking street near the train station. But it belies its surroundings: it’s recently been renovated, and is modern, clean and service friendly. The best thing is that it’s both cheapish (just 50 dollars for a single)
and located in the old city. A good budget option.

Pilaite: Kalvarijų 1. Housed in an eccentric looking castle built as a private house in the 1920s, this small hotel has little to recommend it except its location. Rooms lack adequate facilities and with prices starting at 60 dollars per night, it’s expensive for what you get.

Rudninku Vartai: Rudninkų 15/46. On the southern edge of old town. Once part of an ancient city wall. Cleanliness and quality come first here, though the nearby Pylimo street can get noisy. The smaller rooms tend toward the very small. Furnishings aren’t lavish but functional. A double is some 100 dollars.

Sanvita: Seimyniškių 21. Good service, friendly atmosphere. Rooms start at 55 dollars.

Vidos: Fabijoniškių 6/5. More of a guest house than a hotel, there is something very engaging about this small family-run establishment. The rooms are serviceable and start at 45 dollars per night. Out of the way but recommended for its personal touch.

Victoria: Saltoniškių 56. Across the river, but within walking distance of the city center. The somewhat drab facade masks a largely renovated, Swedish-owned enterprise. Fairly bare bones. While you’re not going to be pampered here, it’s reasonably good value. A double is around 80 dollars. If you are a light sleeper, avoid getting a room facing the main road.

Žaliasis Tiltas: Gedimino 12, and Vilniaus 2/15. A hotel with two branches in different parts of the city center. Location is the main draw. A double is around 70 dollars per night.

Litinterp: Bernardinų 7-2. Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the old city for 20 dollars and up. The main office has friendly staff and provides a range of very helpful tourist services, such as booking rooms abroad.

Vilnius Bed & Breakfast & Apartments: Arranges rooms and apartments in Vilnius. There are also apartments to rent for longer term as well. Their excellent website allows you to see your potential accommodations in advance.

Adelita: Rodunes kelias 8. Presented with no other choices, stranded travelers might well prefer to sleep at the airport than at this airport hotel. Though it’s a Lithuanian-American venture, Adelita seriously lags. Doubles are around 50.

Gintaras: Sodų 14. If you’re a budget traveler arriving by train at night, Amber might do. It’s straight across from the station. Apparently frequented by black-market traders, who tend to favor unrenovated rooms for around 20 dollars. New rooms are around 45 dollars.

JNN hostel: Ukmergės 25. Super clean rooms start at 20 dollars for a single and all are equipped with shower and toilet. Possibly the best value in town and students take note, Eurocard holders get a 20 percent discount.

Pušis: Blindžių 17. A 10-minute drive northwest of the city center, in the Žvėrynas suburb. A little hard to find; tucked in a Soviet-style neighborhood. Outwardly uninspiring, but it’s not as bad as it looks. The renovated doubles are clean and fairly roomy, but still characteristically post-Soviet. A bed in an unrenovated, common room goes for around 10 dollars. Private rooms are better: bare but clean. A renovated double goes for 50 dollars.

Sauni Vietele: Pranciškonų 3/6. There is something a little odd about this tiny, four-room hotel, located in a prime spot next to the ultra-Western American Center. It’s a bit dark, sparsely furnished. Still, these are some of the cheapest digs in the old city at around 50 dollars for a double.

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