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In the high antiquity everybody respected and glorified strong, fearless, brave people. In ancient Greece athletic festivals were very important and had strong religious associations. The Olympian athletic festival, held every four years in honor of Zeus, eventually lost its local character, became first a national event and then international. So, we could say, that all sport history started in Antiquity. And our days everybody admire these peoples. But where are these strong men’s secret? Definitely, they have to go in for sports if they want to grow up muscles and to become very strong, brave and hard-bitten. They have to train every day very hardly and for long time. So, the price of force and strength is really big! Antique people said:” Beautiful soul in beautiful body”, and in our days some people think like that too. Sport gives not only strong muscular body, but health, wellbeing too and it often becomes our hobby.

Types of sport are a lot of-they are divided in to active and passive sports. Active sports demand physical force, for example: boxing, football, wrestles, basketball, surfing and so on. That kind of sport gives us more physical benefit: we become stronger, more self-control, more self-confidence, more physically fit… Passive sports demand brainwork, like chess, checkers. It gives us more mentation, mental strength. Besides, there are risk sports: cascade, parachuting, bungee-jumping…Actually, risks sports are one of the fastest growing leisure activities. Some people think that to risk lives are madness! Risk sports have a positive side as well. They help people to overcome fears that affect them in their real lives. This makes risk sports particularly valuable for executives in office jobs who need to stay alert so that they can cope when things so wrong. They learn that being frightened doesn’t mean they can’t be in control. I think in Lithuania risk sports aren’t very popular. In Lithuania very popular is basketball. Some people are just crazy about it! They can all day watch basketball games on TV, lie on the couch and eat chips. I don’t think that this is good! Some people, especially girls, worship basketball players. And boys want to become one of them. Well, Lithuania is basketball “capital”!

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