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Although stress can sometimes be a good thing because it gives you the motivation to do your best, it can have a harmful effect on your mentally and physically if it is for too long It can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, mood swings, depression and illness. These are the 10 ways to combat excess stress.

Organize and prioritise. By doing this you will feel in control and decide what things can get rid of a lot of stress. Much stress is caused by doing things when there isn’t enough time to do them, e.g. revising everything you have learned the night before the test.

Don’t procrastinate. Instead of worrying about doing something or avoiding it because you are scared of doing it ( in case you fail ) – just do it! The sooner you take the action, the more time you will have if anything goes wrong.

Look after yourself. Keeping your body healthy reduces stress. Cut down on too much caffeine and sweet things. Make sure you get enough sleep and vitamin C.

Breathe. Deep breathing works because getting more oxygen into your body relaxes you. You can either n deeply through your nose then exhaling through your mouth and then repeat it ten times.

Remember to have fun. Doing something you really enjoy means you get a chance to take a break and ‘recharge your batteries’. People who do not do this fell depressed and then their problems seem bigger and they can no longer put them into perspective.

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