Student s opinion about physical education
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Student s opinion about physical education

Student’s Opinion about Physical Education

Today education has become a token of an advanced, healthy and competent society. In fact, modern education more than ever before is aiming to provide experiences that will be useful in life. In the process of deciding which activities are effective and should be included in the high school curriculum, a clash between opinions often arises. People especially disagree on the question of the necessity for physical education.

Very fast modernization has changed people common life, various economical and sociological alterations released us from hard manual work, but it also clamp down muscular activity. This curtailment disarrayed balance of biological organism, and now our body is more vulnerable. Part of diversiform illnesses progress among youth (also schoolchild and students); it is related with insufficient physical activity. So does it mean that physical education must be added in high school program? What do students think about this?

In order to find out their opinion, the research was carried out. Investigators used triangulation, as they wanted to check the validity of research findings. They chose two methods, which seemed most reliable for them. One of them was questionnaire (watch annex 1) with open-ended questions. Student ought to select answer which suited his opinion. If he didn’t find proper answer, he could write down his own. Advantage of this method is that everything is done in anonymity, so student is not afraid of giving answer which could not be pleased of his teacher or criticized his contemporaries. Besides, for researchers it is rather easy to count value and compare answers of many students. Furthermore, investigators can not influence respondent’s answers. About 50 students from different Kaunas Technological University faculties were surveyed. In fact, all questions had more or less similar answers.

In order to itemize findings, investigators chouse one more method – structured interview. Interviewer read out the same list of questions (Annex 1) to the students. But this time, there were no any answers given. So the respondent must answer in his own words, interviewer can give him an explanation or example for some questions. This method is more reasoned, answers are more various and it is possible to investigate more respondents. However, there are more minuses, because not all students want to talk, they don’t have time. Besides interviewer must to have uncommon communicational abilities, he can’t influence respondents’ answers.

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