The last of the romanovs
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The last of the romanovs

Russia is probably one of the most mysterious and bizarre countries on earth. This country has always been in the middle of the biggest and strangest events in the world’s history. If anything happened in Europe, it was a big probability that Russia was involved in that. This country has been known among other countries like an odd state and there was always a certain amount of uncertainty about its government, rulers, its people, traditions and its lifestyle. It was always different than anybody else’s and majority of the European population were even scared of them during the ages. There were many various rulers in Russian history that helped to shape the country the way it was. Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great were famous for their political behavior and the type of rule. However, there were some Czars that were not as respected and not as smart in ruling their country. One of the rulers that was able to get Russia to the revolution and change its political, social and economical structure was Nicholas the Second. His politics and the way of ruling the country brought this country to the total chaos and ended the rule of Romanov Dynasty – one of the biggest and most powerful families in Russia.

Nicholas II became the autocratic ruler of Russia in 1894 after the death of his father. However, he was not ready to be a czar and did not want to be one either. While being still a little kid he was raised in the family were the father was a very powerful and intimidating person. Nicholas was always afraid of him and was scared of a thought of becoming a czar of Russia some day. That was not what he wanted. His dad Alexander III tried to teach Nicholas how to prepare to become the ruler of Russia one day, He even sent his son to the world tour to visit other countries and to see the different lifestyles around the world. However, all Nicholas was worried about was having a good time and partying while visiting foreign countries.

Therefore, the childhood of Nicholas II did not play any major role in making him a better candidate for the throne. After he became a Czar, he did not intend to change his lifestyle either. Nicholas was known for being irresponsible, goofy, narrow minded and weak ruler. His marriage with German princes Alexandra was another big factor of a weak leadership of the Russian Czar. Nicholas II was totally in love with her and did not seem to care about anything else than just to take care of his lovely wife and make sure she was comforted and happy with her life. As the matter of fact, Alexandra played a bigger role in the politics of Russia than Nicholas himself. She was the one telling the czar what to do, what kind of decisions to make on a certain policies or events.

Alexandra wanted to keep her husband isolated from the rest of the world as much as possible. She did not want Nicholas II to have many advisers around and be worried about politics all the time. The czarina thought that her husband had to take some time off once in a while and rest from all the Royal duties. Therefore, the whole Royal family spent a lot of their time in the place called ‘Tsarskoe Selo.’ This was a nice mansion in the woods, outside the city. The czar and his wife could spend their time with each other and be careless and irresponsible while they were there. They also had to take care of their only son, the future czar of Russia, who was hemophiliac. He was the only hope for the Royal family since, the first four children that were girls.

Therefore, while Nicholas II was more worried about his family than taking care of the country, Russia was struggling in keeping a strong economy and having the society happy. It was obvious that the czar was not going to take care of the county and make it any better. The advisors of the czar were playing a huge role in keeping Russia stable as much as they could. However, not having a strong leadership and not being able to make any sound decisions were bringing country’s economy and politics down.

One of the biggest events that played an important role in Russia’s history was Russo – Japanese War in 1904-1905. Nicholas II believed that he could expand his influence in Asia and Japan was one of the major barriers for that. He just saw that country as an aggressor for the security of Russia around that region. Moreover, Nicholas expected an easy and quick war with Japan, because he did not believe in the military capabilities of that country. However, the decision for Russia to go to the war with Japan led to the horrible outcomes for the czar and his country. The war was not as quick and easy as the Russians expected. It took a lot of resources and money from the country’s budget. Moreover, Japan had a more advanced and skilled army. They were able to defeat the Russians in many naval and ground battles.

Even though Japanese started the war with a lot of victories, their economy was not going to hold any longer either. Both countries were putting themselves into a situation of a long and exhausting that would destroy their economies and would not let either side to get a final victory. Therefore, “in a response to a secret Japanese request, President Theodore Roosevelt arranged a peace conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in August 1905.” Russia had to stop the war and get out of it without gaining any land or any influence in the region. The Russo – Japanese War was just an exhausting event that took a lot of out of
Russia’s economy and put country into a bad situation. There were many people starving, there was a food shortage, the whole economy was in a very unstable situation. Russian citizens were more and more unsatisfied with the government and the czar. Having horrible living conditions in the country, many people started forming secret political organizations. They wanted to overthrow the government and put somebody else in the power that could fix Russia’s economy and bring the country back to the level it was before Nicholas stepped into power. The outcomes of the Russo – Japanese War, dropping economy and dissatisfaction by the majority of the Russian citizens put the country on the verge of a revolution.

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