The olympic games
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The olympic games

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games began in Greece in 776 B.C. They symbolize the idea of peace in the world and brotherhood among nations. Nowadays the Olympic games are divided into summer, winter and even the Olympic games to disabled people.

Recently the Winter Olympic Games at Salt Lake City have taken place. People all over the world had possibility to observe them. A lot of countries participated in this competition. Opening of the Olympic Games was impressive and original. Of course, it cost a lot and required much time to prepare. During the opening a national flag of USA from the ruins of skyscrapers was hoisted and all victims of the 11th of September tragedy were honored. There were a number of competitions of various sport events in Salt Lake City and even 24 countries could be proud of their sportsmen, who won medals. Germany, USA and Norway took the first places in winning gold, silver and bronze medals. So it was very exciting to observe tense competitions. Figure skating and women’s slalom were the most appealing sport events to me during these Olympic Games. I watched all content of people’s figure skating, because a couple of our country fought for medals during it. This branch of sport is very attractive, expressive and difficult. It’s a pity that Margarita Drobiazko and Povilas Vanagas were only the fifth, although they had showed a very high level of technique. Michele Kwan who won bronze medal in women’s figure skating made a big impression. Her dances were not only excellent in technique, but interesting to watch and sensitive to feel too. I have mentioned women’s slalom and not accidentally. This branch of sport is very exciting and even risk. Watching it everyone can feel pleasure of agitation and fear of danger. This event was interesting even though it was unconfirmed to see delicate woman in such route. So Kastelic from Croatia charmed me a lot as a very strong person.

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