The role of school in our lives
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The role of school in our lives

My topic is what is the role of school in our lives. Children begin to go to school when they turn seven. In the first grade, they are starting to create their own personalities. The first steps are growing up there. The most things are not in the education sphere but in the communications with friends other schoolchildren.

School is a part of our environment from the time they are little children until they are almost grown up. We hear very little of what pupils think of school, and what happens to them there.

At school, pupils spend the most important years of their lives. There they take courage and confidence, make friends and learn to understand life. Whatever school’s years will be remain in their hearts forever. Teachers not only give us knowledge of physics, mathematics, history and etc, but they also teach children to love their Motherland, to be honest and hard working. Furthermore, children are taught how to communicate with others, to work in groups. Moreover, at school, pupils discover new feelings. Teachers teach them how to be friendly, kindly, responsible, how to be in comprehension with others, how to help friends, be polite.

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