The royal family
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The royal family

Everything RoyalCorrespondence, Christmas Cards, Photographs & Gifts from The Royal Family,

HRH Prince Charles and HRH Diana, Princess of Wales

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales & Diana, Princess of Wales

I have amassed a large collection of royal correspondence, photographs,Christmas cards and gifts from the British royal family during the last twenty years. The largest part of the collection is from HRH Prince Charles and HRH Diana, Princess of Wales. Through their letters, cards and photographs, we follow their lives from the day of their engagement & wedding in 1981 until their 1992 divorce and finally to Diana’s untimely death in 1997. These letters also give an insight to the man „who will be King“.

All history is recorded by writings, photographs and letters as far back as the pyramids in Egypt. We learn how a people came to be, how they lived and sadly, how they perished. The letters below are a rare and valuable part of history. I have purposely deleted all salutations and greetings on letters and gifts to protect one’s privacy.

It is astonishing Diana, Princess of Wales, more than five years after her death is still the most famous and most wirtten about royal. There are more books written on Diana than any other royal in history. Her drawing power seems to grow with each passing year! Press coverage of Diana surpasses that of Her Majesty and Prince Charles.

The letters have never been published. A line from a letter may have been printed with my permission for various newspapers articles. No entire letter has been read or printed. Alicia Carroll 1/11/2003

Do research before buying signed letters, Christmas cards and photographs. Many items being offered on the Internet by „dealers“ and on „auction sites“ are described as original signatures when , in fact, they are auto pen. A personal greeting does not make the signature authentic. The royal family sends thousands of letters, cards and photographs each year. They are given typed letters, Christmas cards and photographs already auto penned. They add the personal greeting. A Certificate of Authenticity can be made and printed by anyone! Check the seller or companies credentials.

Item 3000- Here is a wonderful collection of RARE Halcyon Days boxes from HRH The Prince of Wales. Specially commissioned Halcyon Days boxes from the Prince of Wales are the rarest and most valuable in the world with some commissions being as low as 25 pieces. Most being ordered in a quantity or 50 to 100. Some boxes were given as Christmas gifts or as a thank you to staff after a tour. The most sought after royal box is with the Highgrove design given as a Christmas present with Charles and Diana’s signature inside the lid. These boxes are never offered to the public unless through resale or an auction site and that is still rare as most people keep the boxes. This collection of 12 boxes were purchased directly by me, Alicia Carroll from a retired member of the Prince of Wales staff who was given many boxes as gifts. A Certificate of Authenticity will be given to the buyer from Everything Royal. They are being offered as a collection or separately. If purchased as a collection, they are $1300.00 per box. If purchased separately, the boxes presented by „HRH Prince Charles“ alone are $1500.00 a box.When purchased separately, boxes presented by both the „Prince and Princess of Wales“ are $1,600.00 each. All royal memorabilia from His Royal Highness will only increase in value. These boxes are from the man who will be „King of England“. The boxes are as follows: 1990-Brig O Dee- Balmoral, 1991- Kensington Palace, 1992- Highgrove House, 1993- Restormel Castle, Cornwall, 1994- Not named, 1995-Dutchy of Cornwall Offices, Isle of Scilly, 1996- Tintagal Castle, 1997- Brookhouse Street, Poundbury Dorset, 1998- St Kew Barton Farm, Cornwall, 1999- Dovecote Highgrove House, 2000- The Sanctury, Highgrove, 2001- St James Palace. All are in original boxes with Halcyon Days paperwork for authenticity. Each is signed, „Presented by HRH The Prince of Wales“ on the inside of the lid.RARE LETTER FROM PRINCE CHARLES MENTIONING CAMILLA!

Item 3001 – HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer announced their engagement on February 24, 1981. In this 3 page hand written letter, on royal stationary from the H.M. Yacht Britannia, dated August 8, 1980, a mere six months before his engagement to Diana, Charles refers to „Camilla“ as his professional advisor. This is the only letter known to refer to Camilla before or during his marriage to Princess Diana. We all know, that relationship has never altered. He has had a 30 year plus affair with a woman who herself was married during a great part of their relationship and we all know the outcome!! It is signed, „as ever, Charles.“ $40,000.00 OrderKing Edward VIII gave up his throne as King of England in 1937 to marry the woman he said „he could no go on without“. Will Charles give up the throne to marry Camilla Parker Bowles or will the powers „that be“ not allow them to marry.


Item 3002 – This letter is an incredible piece of history from the most famous woman of all time. Diana has written candidly about her honeymoon. This double sided, one page letter is one of the rarest in my collection. Dated August 28, 1981, written on official stationary to Betty Andrews who worked for the Spencer family from 1945-1981. It comes with the
original, hand written, postmarked envelope. She writes , „We had a wonderful honeymoon, catching up on all that lack of sleep & just being together made everything so wonderful.“ It is signed, „Take great care & much love, Diana“. $50,000.00 OrderRARE LETTER FROM DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES ON THE BIRTH OF PRICE HARRY

Item 3003 – This letter dated September 20, 1984 to Betty Andrews written on official Kensington Palace stationary is touching as Diana speaks of the birth of her second child Harry. She so dearly loved her boys. It comes with the original, hand written, postmarked envelope. She writes, „William adores his little brother & spends the entire time pouring an endless supply of hugs & kisses onto Harry & we are hardly allowed near.“ It is signed, „With much love, Diana“. $50,000.00 OrderLIMOGES INK WELL & QUILL GIVEN BY PRINCESS DIANA AS A GIFT

Item 3004 – This Limoges ink well with feather quill was given by Princess Diana as a Christmas gift to one of her bridesmaids. There is ink staining on the inside of the inkwell showing it had been used. It is in excellent condition as is the feather quill. It is so touching for me to handle these things and know they had once either been Diana’s or she had elected them herself as gifts. $25,500.00 OrderSAD LETTER FROM DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES SPEAKING OF HER FATHER

Item 3005 – Another rare letter from the late Princess Diana speaking on the death of her beloved father. This double sided one page letter , written on Diana’s private, official Kensington Palace, red bordered stationary with her initial D to a friend is dated April 1, 1992. Diana writes, “ I miss my father dreadfully as he was such a strong & positive force in our lives.“ It is signed, „With my love to you both, from Diana“. This letter comes with the original, hand written, postmarked envelope. $55,000.00 SOLDThe royal family are now trying to erase Diana’s memory from history. That will not happen. Camilla Parker Bowles will not be a replacement for Diana!

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