Trafalgar square
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Trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square was laid out in 1829 to 1841 to celebrate Nelson’s victory at the Battle of the same name in 1805. The statue was built more then 20 years later. The column on which Lord Nelson stands is 185 feet high and Lord Nelson himself is a massive 18 feet high although you wouldn’t know it when you look at him from the ground.

The four massive Bronze panels which decorating the base of the column are cast from the guns of French guns captured during the Napoleonic wars. Each panel depicts a scene from the Naval Battle in which the Guns were captured. Around the base of the column are the four giant bronze lions decorated by Landseer.

The fir tree that is set up in the square each Christmas is an Annual gift from Norway to say thanks you to the British for their help during World War II.

Also, there are traditional celebrations in the Square on New Year’s Eve when people even jump into the fountains when Big Ben rings in the New Year. If you want to join in these celebrations, you will need to get there several hours before midnight as it becomes very crowded.

Trafalgar Square is probably most famous for its pigeons. Pigeon food is usually on sale but anyone who proposes to feed the pigeons should be warned that these birds are very tame and will flock around you, even landing on your head for a chance to get at the food. After all what would Trafalgar Square be without pigeons?Comely Street Natural Park

Situated at 12 Comely Street, London, this park is one of 50 or so nature reserves managed by the London Wildlife Trust. London is a surprisingly green city with an abundance of wildlife and woodland grassland marsh and ponds scattered throughout. At this park community events and environmental activities are held on a regular basis and there is also a fully subscribed educational programme throughout term time.

Madame Tussaud’s

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