V hugo s love story
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V hugo s love story


V. Hugo’s FriendSHIP & First Love

She was brunette with large, bright, soft eyes, with a straight, little

nose and a beautifully formed mouth. As a young 16-year-old lady, she was

sweet and pretty. She was Adele Foucher, the source of young Victor Hugo’s

idolatry, and his first love. He was a writer growing in talent and fame,

growing before her beauty and shyness. Their friendship can be described as

the ideal romantic tragedy.

Victor had known Adele when they were children. She was a part of

bourgeoisie in Paris and the daughter of the pro-French Marques de

Montehermosa. Their two families, the Hugos and the Fouchers, had been

intimate friends before their birth. Their children grew up together.

Parental resistance created the ideal tragic situation for the two lovers.

Adele’s father, Pierre Foucher was Hugo friend. Although Mr.Foucher was

secretly excited about Victor’s rising literary success. But Adele was

warned that young Victor was a boaster, that he was inconstant and lazy. In

spite of that, they sent letters into each other and began a long and risky

journey of emotional correspondence, which in Hugo’s mind, undoubtedly

would end in marriage. So sure was he, that he boldly signed his first

letter to her “your husband”. After 2 years and 200 love letters exchanged

between the lovers, Victor and Adele got married.

Hugo loved Adele truly and deeply, and perhaps for a time, she believed she

loved him as much. In the early years of their friendship, when her mother

was out, Adele would make her escape from the house, run swiftly

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