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Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and one of oldest and longest city. The name Vilnius as derived from the name of the river Vilnia near hich the city as founded. Vilnius is situated on the river Neris and Vilnia.Neris is the second longest river in Lithuania.

Vilnius is very old city. It as founded in 1323. The honour [ one ] for founding Vilnius is justly given to Gediminas. According to one legend Grand Duke Gediminas had seen a dream one night. It as about the iron wolf howling on a high hill. A pagan priest interpreted his dream telling the Duke to build acastle pn the site and later found a city. The priest ished to see the city being famous in the whole world.

There are more places and names significant to Lithuanian history.

The Cathedral is Lithuania‘s spiritual and political centre. It built King Mindaugas. The Old Town yhe historical centre of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe.An excellent view of Old Ton is the Three Crosses, hiches are great symbol of both Lithuanian mourning and hope.

The first Town hall as built in the15th century. The present days Town Hall is used for receptions of foreign guests, for city ceremonies, exhibits and concerts.

The taller tower than The Eiffel Toer in Paris, situated in Vilnius. It is TV Tower. The total height of the tower is 326 metres.

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