Visi 11 klasėje rašyti darbai
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Visi 11 klasėje rašyti darbai

Sandra Svanidzaitė, 2003

My written topics 3

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping a pet at home 3

Cottages in Lithuania 3

Description of a Friend 4

Endangered species of animals 4

What environmental problems is the world facing at the moment? What should the governments do to protect the environment? 5

Environmental problems 5

Personal Identification 6

The role of free press in general 7

Money makes the world go round 7

Fast Food 8

Shopping 8

Animals in captivity 9

(Gyvūnai nelaisvėje) 9

Letters 10

Application for summer cources 10

A letter for a friend 11

Paragraphs 12

People keep pets for several reasons 12

Several ways to improve your English 12

What a lot of patience teachers must have 12

Topics from the book 13

Animal testing 13

Can we live longer? 13

Computers 13

Environment, pollution 14

World’s wildlife in danger 14

Fame: a Blessing or a curse? 14

Invent yor way to riches 15

Technological advancement 15

The importance of sport 15

Tourism 16

More Education, Less Environmental Damage 16

TV- A Child’s Friend or Enemy 16

Violent Crimes 16

So you want to be a millionaire? 17

Success 17

Idioms, expressions 18

Idioms with “eye” 18

Idioms “Skin” 18

Idioms 18

Sentences with “terms” 18

Sentences with “weather” 19

Grammar Section 20

First and last Paragraph Techniques 20

Linking devices 21


Present Perfect – Past Simple – Past Perfect 23

Countable/Uncountable Nouns – So/Such – Much/Little – Many/Few 23

Gerund – Infinitive – Too/Not Enough – Participles 23

Modals 24

Conditionals – Wishes – Unreal Past 24

Passive Voice – Causative Form 25

Relatives 25

Reported Speech – Introductory Verbs 26

Reported Speech – Modals 27

Clauses – Linking words 27

Comparisons 28

My written topics

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping a pet at home

At some point in their lives most people have considered about pets. One must wonder however if keeping a pet brings more positive or negative points. I assume that subject of keeping a pet is very controversial. Their benefits are numerous and yet much can be said against them.

The first reason for supporting pets is that their benefits for children are undeniable. Keeping a pet is an important part of every child’s childhood and plays a big role in both their physical and mental development. It teaches children how to play with them, look around them, while at the same time aiding tolerance and understanding of each other.

From a social standpoint, pets play a large role in many lonely people’s lives. Nowadays more than ever lonely people are fond of keeping pets, because it helps to raise their mood, when they are in low spirits and not to feel so extremely lonely.

The final point in favour of keeping a pet is that there are a lot of people who are crazy about attending various animals’ exhibitions and showing the best points of their pets to the others.

However, there are drawbacks to keeping a pet and perhaps the most obvious one is that pets cause a lot of damage. In fact, a lot of people face with this problem. To avoid it they always have to look around their pet and try not to keep it in rooms which are full of valuable things.

Secondly some people can’t keep pets because of their health, usually they are allergious and cannot live with a pet in the same place.

Furthermore some pets, especially dogs dislike little children and they are likely to bite them. It is advisable to think twice before buying a pet and consider both positive and negative points.

In conclusion, there are strong arguments both for and against the keep of pets. Yet, despite the health problems, risk to valuable things, it seems that more and more people are keen on keeping pets at home and their benefits are invaluable.

Sum of words: 354

Cottages in Lithuania

At some point in their lives most people have daydreamed about joys of spending their holiday in a nice cottage. Due to this, more and more cottages are restored or built in our country. I feel very strongly that it is an extremely good way to spend our holiday even if you are fed up with living in a big, noisy town.

The main point in favour of spending holiday in a cottage is that it usually offers a lot of wonderful attractions and entertainments that otherwise you might not have the chance to try. As far as I know, most of the cottages are situated near the beaches, because it is very easy to attract a lot of tourists and offer them great attractions. As a result, when you spend your holiday in a such cottage you can find some of the county’s beaches within easy reach. Also there are many sandy coves just waiting to be explored.

Although, if you are fond of fresh fruits I am dead certain you can easily find a cottage with a sunny small orchard containing apple and plum trees.

Moreover, some of Lithuanian cottages are situated near lakes and the owners frequently offer to catch the boat to the closest villages and take a look at picturesque valleys.

Furthermore, if you are used to live in comfort and luxury, some of Lithuania cottages are offering extremely high standard of accommodation. Frequently you can find a sheltered patio with a barbecue and garden furniture. You can take a woodland stroll, go mushroom picking. Usually such cottages are situated right next to beautiful streams that wind
their way through eye catching valley. You can also find extensive grounds where you can do, grassy play areas where you can do what you want.

Needless to say, there are few cottages next door to working dairy farms and guests are welcome to watch the cows being milked. Usually horse riding is one of the greatest entertainments.

Al things considered, perhaps, there is no need to spend your holiday at home even if you live in a crowded place. The ideal place for your holiday can be a lovely cottage situated in secluded valleys.

Words: 370

Description of a Friend

The person I like and admire very much is my friend Vaida. It is very difficult to say why, but I want to say a bit about her appearance and character. To the best of my knowledge, she has something that attracts everybody. I would like to start describing Vaida from her character, because I pay more attention to it, than to her appearance and the way she dresses.

The first thing, I have noticed about her, that she has hundreds of positive and no negative qualities. She is one of those girls, who are always good-tempered, because she has a kind smiley face and she is always friendly and pleased to see you. I can mention that she is generous by nature. That’s why she is always surrounded by friends. Another reason why she has lots of friends is that she could never let her friends down and tell a lie. So taking everything into account, she is frank, modest, just, flexible, patient, and always determined to do her best. Also I have to mention that she is likely to be communicative and talkative with her friends. What I like in Vaida’s character is that she is always affectionate, cheerful, conscientious, considerate and reliable person. But I have also to say a bit about her appearance. It strikes me that, she is fashion addict, because she always tries to keep up her best with the latest styles. This spring she wears new sunglasses which makes her look fashionable and cool. Vaida is short-haired, blue-eyed, full-lipped, oval-faced, right-handed girl. I have to mention that she has beautiful wide-set blue eyes and big thick eyelashes. Her complexion is healthy but sometimes it is sallow. Her features are delicate. So on the whole, I can say that Vaida is ambitious, persistent and well-bred girl. She is always very easy-going about lots of things, and she doesn’t worry about her life and the way she looks. I assume that’s why we get on.

Endangered species of animals

Environment plays a large role in every human’s life. Frequently we just don’t pay attention to all bad things we do to nature. Unfortunately, the number of endangered species of animals are increasing at an alarming rate. This problem is very common, all the countries in the world face with it.

Lithuania has also a quite large number of endangered species. Lithuania’s fauna has no particular species peculiar to it alone. There are large numbers of mammals, birds, reptiles. For various reasons some of them became extinct. Nowadays it is impossible to find bisons or bears in the forests. The number of foxes, wolves, elks has shrunk. We have 300 species of birds, but they also face with various problems leading to extinction.

Much can be done to protect endangered species. Needless to say, we can’t act single-handed . For example, government should make a substantial progress in organizing programmes how to protect animals , also government should pass some new laws which could restrict people from polluting, cutting down woods. In addition to this, woodlands and forests are home to large numbers of animals and as the land is vital to their survival this is having alarming effects. Also human population expansion and the effects of hunting are threatening animals. In order to protect them, animals are kept in captivity, for instance, in zoo. The idea is that when animals are able to breed (veistis) in safety their numbers will increase enough so that some of them can be released in their natural habitats.

It is very important to protect all species because it is our fauna and we can’t loose species just because we don’t know how to protect them.

Words: 287

What environmental problems is the world facing at the moment? What should the governments do to protect the environment?

Pollution nowadays has increased as a result of technological advancement combined with the fact that large numbers of people are polluting, because they don’t know what harm they do to our nature and with very few prospects of improving the situation. In my opinion there are several major environmental problems with which the world faces nowadays.

Firstly, as I have recently mentioned technological advancement has become a focus of today’s society. The world has faced and become conscious with lots of problems leading to a real environmental crisis. One of the problems is that people are destroying earth’s natural recourses. Moreover, we can put forward such well-known factors as air pollution, water pollution, discoloration of trees, reduction of various species of animals as well as reduction of vast areas of woodlands and forests.

Environmental problems such as freak weather conditions, fire, and acid rain are resulting the reduction of forests. These areas are home to large numbers of animals and as the lands are vital to their survival this is having alarming effects. So many species of wildlife are in danger of
disappearing completely from the face of earth.

Furthermore, air pollution has been a problem since industrial revolution. The smoke in the atmosphere causes global warming. Due to this, in a lot of countries there are laws limiting the amount of smoke the factories can produce.

As a result, all these environmental problems made society change its opinion towards nature. Therefore, a lot of countries made a substantial progress in developing programmes which is a beneficial help to restrict people from polluting.

An important part of deterring young people from polluting is better education. If taught that pollution causes a lot of environmental problems, young people would be less likely to pollute.

To sum up, perhaps the best solution to the problem is for the government to revise all out-of-date laws and begin to take wide-ranging actions.

Sum of words: 337

Environmental problems

Environment plays a large role in every human’s life. Frequently we just don’t pay attention to all bad things we do to nature. Unfortunately, pollution levels are increasing at an alarming rate and we should do everything as well as we can to reduce it.

The main reason why it is so important to protect the environment is that we should think not only about ourselves but about future generations as well. Nowadays, we have faced with such problem as ever-growing number of endangered species in the world. Moreover, a lot of factors such as acid rain, fires, and freak weather conditions are resulting the destruction of vast areas of woodland. These areas are home to large numbers of animals and the land is vital to their survival.

Needless to say, there is always a way out. For example, recycling can be of a great help. The subject of recycling is very controversial. It’s benefits are numerous and much can be said against it. The most important point in favour of recycling is that is helps to achieve reduction in environmental damage, but on the other hand a lot of counties face with such problem as the lack of money to make a substantial progress in their recycling system. But, despite this, these countries are still trying to recycle such materials as paper, glass, various goods from plastic.

Much can be done about it, if all individuals tried to do their best to cut down on household waste. Furthermore, they can try to less he use of electricity, water, also we can try to change the way various goods are packed and use less plastic.

Looking for a way out, it is vital for government to take widespread actions and raise it’s competence in many areas. An important part of deterring people from polluting can be better education. If taught that pollution causes a lot of environmental problems, people would be less likely to pollute.

Words: 370

Personal Identification

In the first place I am Sandra. I started school at the age of six. Now I am in the tenth form at ‘Saltinio’ secondary school in Marijampole. Actually I am sixteen years old. This year I will be sitting about my exams. As a matter of fact, I am in a bit of a panic. Personally, I am not sure that I pass all my exams. So I am worried about it. To my way of thinking I am fairly bright and hardworking, but on the other hand sometimes I am inconsistent. Actually, my homework preparation depends from my mood, but in the most of time I try to do my best. Sometimes I never stop working and in my view it is one of the best my features. As far as I know, I have an ability for mathematics and I am quite good at it. I am keen on English, but unfortunately I can’t stand Russian. In fact, I know English far more better than Russian. Personally, I am not interested in out of school activities.

I have some good friends and I am very fond of it. I fell very strongly, that I am always willing to help, cheerful, easy-going, generous, self-confident and unselfish. What I am keen on is spending my sparetime with friends. Unfortunately, I am a bit short of time these days. I have got a whole lot of work and I am scary about it but, on the other hand I am determined to do my best. Personally I am keen on music, but discos aren’t really my scene. I enjoy listen to music at my spare time. Nowadays it is impossible to escape from music even if we want to. It thunders out of every high-street shop, hisses horribly from other people’s stereo on public transport and blasts out of open car windows. For instance, early classical music helps us fell relaxed and peaceful.

As far as I know, I am quite good at working with computer, but in fact my homework are on the top. In my opinion the Internet is here to stay and will change our lives for the better. In my view, computers in the future will be a part of our furniture. We will talk to them, ask them questions and have access to all the knowledge in the world. Computers can help us stay in touch with our friends. To my way of thinking, computers and the Internet make our lives easier.

Actually, some time ago, I used to be interested in watching television, but now I have changed my mind. I assume I can do something more beneficial than watching TV.

I am quite interested in reading books. I suppose it will be very useful in my future. Especially, I am crazy about reading on reading English books. In my opinion it is very beneficial, because you can explore yourself, how many words you know, and also you can find many expressions for your English
on the other hand I adore reading Lithuanian books, because I am only learning English and I don’t know it so fluently as I know Lithuanian, but maybe sometime in the nearest future I will know English as good as I know Lithuanian, but actually it is only a dream. Personally, I am almost sure that this dream comes truth.

Now about my family. As a matter of fact, I live with my parents. I am not very critical of them, because we understand each other and haven’t got many problems. On the other hand, there is one problem with my sister. As far as I know, she is fairly bright, but she is quite lazy too, and she is far too interested in out of school activities. So my mom and I bosse her around and she puts up with it. What else can she do? My family haven’t got so many problems with me as with my sister. My mom always says that she is very fond of me. So my sister and I are completely different. My dad has a very hard work, so he spends most of his time working.

My main ambition is to pass my exams successfully, entry the university, complete it and have a very good job.

This is all what I can say about me, but not everything what was written in this topic is true. I have wrote some nice sentences, which has nothing to do with me, because only of brilliant structure.

The role of free press in general

Free press is an important part of today’s society and plays a large role in many people’s lives. Newspapers and magazines have entered he lives of even the poorest members of society and it is very rare to find anyone who doesn’t read them.

There are many things to be said in favour of free press and the most obvious one that undoubtedly it makes our lives easier and more interesting. While reading newspapers or magazines you can find stacks (kalnai) of handy hints (patogus, naudingi dalykai), you can use in your daily life. Also you can be impressed by a treasure-trove(šaltinis) of information. In addition to this there are a lot of different kinds of newspapers and magazines and it is impossible to read them all. So from your standpoint (požiūris) you have to choose which are the best for you. Dozens of newspapers and magazines are published in our country, but not all of them enjoy equal popularity. As far as I know, the most popular are The Lietuvos rytas and The Respublika. Moteris, Laima, Panele, Cosmopolitan are the most popular magazines. To tell the truth, I am not very keen on reading newspapers, because I find it quite boring. On the other hand, during my spare time I adore to look threw magazines. It doesn’t mean that I read all the articles, I try my best to choose the most interesting ones.

It is often said that the popular press aims to entertain its readers rather than inform them and I can strongly agree with this opinion., because I can’t stand various factual reports and international news stories. I enjoy reading various rumors about celebrities, also magazines for women are my favourites. Usually, they are full of ideas how to survive in rough and tumble (sunkumai, netvarka) of world of work, they are also full of handy hints (naudingi dalyai) to keep you looking your best. There re stacks (kalnai) of advices you need on everything from keeping trim (švarus, tvarkingas, lieknas) to shooting the most suitable clothes for you.

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