World around me
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World around me

We always speak about other people, but never look at our selves. I don’t know why, but I must say that many of us just don’t want to see their own bad habits. I decided to write about myself, because if you want to criticize somebody, first look into the mirror and think about what you do badly and what do you do to change something in your life in better way.

For starters, I was born in 1985 summer. I’m the only one child in family. I live in a very beautiful place on Tauras hill. And now I would like to describe how I look like. My height is 1.70m. , weight is 58kg. To other I look very pale, it’s because of my skin, but trust me I really feel good. Color of my hair is usually black, but that’s because I paint them every six weeks, my real hair color is dark brown. I have talking eyes, big and green. Nose is small, lips are soft and sweet, face is oval. I also have some birthmarks and freckles (which I really don’t like at all). I am well build, sporty; my body is strong, muscled, but beautiful after all. I like piercing, that’s why I have one ring in my nose, one in my thong, one in my navel, and about ten in my ears, maybe it sounds horrible, but I like it, at least I have no tattoos and I don’t want to have any, because I can start doing tattoos at least once a month, I don’t really want to be all covered with tattoos.

What is more, when I was a little child I wanted to be a doctor, because I’m not afraid of blood, but later I realized that I am a very lazy person and I don’t want to study hard. I started to play football, but it wasn’t the right sport for me, because as I said, I am lazy, then I tried basketball, it also wasn’t the right thing to do, don’t know why but I didn’t want to play anymore. My parents wanted me to dance, so I tried and it also wasn’t the right thing to do.

Further more, sometimes I am very unfriendly, irritable, and “real evil” (if you know what I mean), I don’t really care about opinion of the others, I like to listen what are they thinking of me but that is all. Sometimes there are people who are just talking about how great they are and how everyone loves them, but I know for sure, that you must never trust such kind of people, because one day they will show their real faces. I also must say that I have lack of self-confidence. Maybe that is why I like to show everyone that I’m strong and I don’t care of anything, I know I’m young and I’m not sure of what is going on in my head.

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