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Hrono langai



JSC „Hronas“ was established in 1993. The Company started with importing

and installing plastic windows. Early in 1994 the new production equipment

was brought to and window production started in Lithuania. During seven

years of strenuous work the Company has gradually introduced one of the

most state-of-the-art aluminium, plastic and wooden construction production

processes in Europe. Fulfilment of projects, which value exceeds LTL 1mil.,

has become our daily routine. Though we produce in great volumes, we

consider each customer as exceptional and prime.

Striving to meet customers’ interests to the best advantage, we have

introduced quality management system corresponding with the requirements of

international ISO 9002 standards. We do our best for the Company,

permanently improving the quality of its products and services, to become a

reliable partner for everybody: the customer, the architect, the designer.


Designing, production, sale, installation of windows, doors, facades,

conservatories, interior partitions of wooden, plastic and aluminium

profiles, and warranty service.


In 1999 over 50 thus. m2 of products were manufactured and sold for more

than LTL 25 mil.


|[pic] |The Company has completed introduction of the quality management |

|  |system corresponding with the requirements of international ISO 9002|

| |standards. |


|[pic] |Hronas is one of the originators and founders of the Republican |

|  |Association of Window and Door Manufacturers. |


|[pic] |The Company is attested by the Ministry of Environment of the |

|  |Republic of Lithuania to perform works in explosive and |

| |fire-hazardous zones and in priority engineering developments. |


|[pic] |All the Company’s products are certified by the Construction |

|  |Products Certification Center of the Republic of Lithuania and by |

| |the Certification Center of the Latvian Academy of Science. |



Seeking to be a reliable partner for all our customers, we undertake:


[pic]  To adhere strictly to the requirements of the production process.


[pic]  To promote the concept of top-quality products among the

staff and to suggest it to the customers.


[pic]  To use only declared materials while manufacturing products.


[pic]  To draw up as detailed design and production documentation as



[pic]  To improve constantly the activities of the Company, which would

ensure more effective cooperation between all levels of production in

customer service.


[pic]  To improve the employees’ qualifications and enhance interest in

qualitative work.


[pic]  To master new high-quality materials and production processes.


[pic]  To seek the level of customer service to be considered the highest

in Lithuania ranking among the enterprises of the same type.

General Director

Valdemaras Eicas

|P R O D U C T S | |


Hronas uses companies’ Saint-Gobain and Pilkington float glass for

producing multiple glazing units.

The main criteria determining the choice of the type of multiple glazing

are thermal and sound insulation, light transmission.

Thermal Insulation

Currently, a single-chamber multiple glazing unit having two transparent

panes and featuring heat transmission of 2,8 W/m2 K is the most popular in

Lithuania. A tendency of choosing multiple glazing units with the heat

transmission of 1,1 W/m2 K for both individual houses and blocks of flats

becomes more and more obvious. The multiple glazing units featuring such

low heat transmission consists of an ordinary pane and a pane having soft

elective coating on it. Multiple glazing units with intermediate thermal

characteristics are also available. These are multiple glazing units

consisting of either two panes, one of which has hard selective coating on

it, or three panes. The heat transmission of these multiple glazing units

is 1,8 W/m2 K.

Sound Insulation

The sound insulation of a single-chamber multiple glazing unit having two

4 mm panes is more than 28 dB, while the sound insulation of a double-

chamber multiple glazing unit having three 4 mm panes exceeds 32 dB.


Light transmission

|Glass type |Light |Light |

| |transmissi|reflecti|

| |on |on |

|Transparent glass|0,89 |0,08 |

|Green tinted |0,78 |0,07 |

|glass | | |

|Brown tinted |0,61 |0,06 |

|glass | | |

|Grey tinted glass|0,55
|0,05 |

|Reflective glass |0,34 |0,46 |

|Glass with hard |0,84 |0,14 |

|selective coating| | |

|Glass with soft |0,86 |0,10 |

|selective coating| | |

The above values are specified for 4 mm thick glass.


Internal windowsills can be made of wood, particleboard or all plastic.

Wooden windowsills best match wooden windows. Plastic windowsills are

recommended for rooms with high humidity. It is particleboards, which are

currently the most popular due to their price, appearance and performance.


External windowsills made of galvanised steel sheet look habitual in

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