Kaunas state theatres
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Kaunas state theatres


Kaunas State Musical Theatre was founded as an Operetta Theatre in 1940. Its first night (a soviet operetta) took place on May 1, 1941. Duting the war some classical operettas dominated in the repertoire; even during the post-war period operettas and musicals by modern composers were staged. When Opera and Ballet Theatre moved to Vilnius in 1948, the theatre began producing works for these genres. The first ballet was staged in 1948, but the small company had and still has few premiere performances. Traditional opera became a part of the repertoire since 1951; some B.Britten’s works were produced for the first time in Lithuania. Liudas Truikys (1904-1987) created stage design for 4 opera productions. In cooperation with the Lithuanian Opera of Chicago „Jurate ir Kastytis” by K.V.Banaitis and „Martha” by F.von Flotow were produced. Gintas Zilys has been the head of the theatre since 1992. The theatre palace on the central street of Kaunas was built in 1892. The original neo-renaissance building has been altered by several exterior and interior since reconstructions. The interior of the auditorium, designed by famous Lithuanian architect V. Dubeneckis in 1925, is of special value. It combines two tendencies in the art of the period; the Lithuanian pattern of tulips and lilies and European Art Deco, which was popular at the time. The auditorium seats up to 500 spectators.

Lithuanian professional drama (1920), opera (1920) and ballet (1925) companies started in the present Theatre Palace. More than 80 performances were staged up to the Second World War. When the Opera Theatre moved to Vilnius, the capital, in 1948, the Theatre Palace housed the Kaunas State Music Theatre, which had started operating on 27th November 1940. The latter company has been the only one in Lithuania producing operetta and showing the best works of the genre to its audience since the Soviet period. But when the Opera Theatre moved to Vilnius and left Kaunas, which used to be the cradle of professional Lithuanian opera without any opera, Kaunas Music Theatre sought to enrich its repertoire with this most important genre of the music stage. Today Kaunas Music Theatre is the second largest theatre in Lithuania. Its repertoire includes all musical stage genres. Local people and visitors can see the most popular operas by Mozart, Gounod, Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti and von Flotow, operettas by J. Strauss, Lehar, Offenbach, Kalman, Abraham, and musicals by Loewe, Leigh and Bernstein. The theatre also arranges concerts. The company is proud of its soloists, who have won international vocal competitions. The company stages more than 200 performances and 3-4 premieres annually, shown from September to June. Kaunas Musical Theatre co-operates successfully with foreign artists. The theatre repertoire has benefited from the works of a number of German, Austrian, and Hungarian stage masters. In recent years, Kaunas State Music Theatre has enjoyed the attention of an appreciative public.


The first premiere of the Kaunas State academic drama Theatre – H. Sudermann’s “St. John’s Day” directed by Juozas Vaickus – appeared on December 19, 1920. The repertoire increased very quickly. A great many dramas of the world repertoire, as well as plays by Lithuanian authors were produced (Borisas Dauguvietis alone directed 35 works by Lithuanian dramatists). The theatre slowed down during the war years and later experienced all the peculiarities of Soviet control. In 1959, the Young Spectator’s Theatre was joined to it. In 1954-1966, Henrikas Vancevicius was the particularly distinctive personalities emerged. Innovative concepts in direction by Jonas Jurasas spread at times slightly masked spirit of resistence. The talent of Jonas Vaitkus unfolded in direction of dramas of various epochs and styles. Since 1993 Gytis Padegimas headed the theatre. Performances take place on yhe main stage and at 6 other venues. The theatre has the Higher School of Acting. The main hall of the theatre has 590 seats.

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