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Paroc gaminiai



We have almost 50 years’ experience of developing, manufacturing and

distributing stone wool products for use by the building industry and other

industries. We are currently the leading stone wool manufacturer in the

Baltic region, with Sweden and Finland as our main markets. Our annual

turnover is more than 235 million euro.

Paroc has plants in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania and the United

Kingdom, plus sales companies in fourteen European countries.

Paroc offices are located in Vanda (head office) and Pargas, Finland,

and in Skövde, Sweden. We employ some 1,700 people.


Paroc’s business idea is based on two opposites

The Nordic winters can fairly be described as long and cold, especially

in Finland . About a third of Finland lies within the Arctic Circle. The

lowest temperature recorded in Helsinki, in the southwest of the country,

is –340 C (1987).

The lowest temperature recorded in Finland this century is -50 0 C

(1985 ). These climatic conditions have forced building technology in the

Nordic region to advance to its world-class position. As an insulation

products manufacturer, Paroc has played an important role in this process

and intends to continue doing so in the future.

The raw material in our products is stone, which we crush, sort and

melt at approximately 1500 0 C. the melted products is then converted to

stone wool- a material that is superior in providing good insulation, long

durability and maximum fire protection.

A similar manufacturing process can be found in nature. In 1788 a

scientific expedition from the US found a wool- like stone material on the

slopes of the volcano Kilauea on the island of Hawaii. The Hawaiians called

it “the hair of Pele” – Pele being the goddess of the volcano. They said

that when she became angry, she tore her hair and spread it about herself.

What really happened was that the volcano blew steam through the thin

layers of lava, producing a kind of natural stone wool.

-2 –



Paroc stone wool products are made from stone material, and only small

amount of binder is added in the production process.

Paroc stone wool products are classified non-combustible based on the

international standard ISO 1182. They can be used in all types of buildings

without restrictions.

The high melting point makes Paroc an ideal material for the use in the

fire insulation applications. Partitions are designed to restrict the fire

penetration from one fire zone to another. Filling the cavity with Paroc

batts can considerably increase the fire resistance of the partitioning.

Fire insulation is also necessary to protect the frame structure, which

carries the loads and prevents the building from collapsing in a fire.

Paroc fire insulation slabs are approved for fire protection of load

bearing steel and concrete structures.

In acoustic linings and applications where the insulation product is

left open it is necessary to fulfill the requirements for ignitability,

spread of flame and smoke generation. Paroc products meet the most

stringent requirements of the surface criteria, which allow them to be used

in all parts of the building including the hallways and the technical



Paroc insulation products are intended is used in dry conditions. Stone

fiber is non-hygroscopic and the moisture content of the insulation in

normal service conditions remains below 0,5 % in weight.

During the building and installation process water is often present. To

guarantee the proper functioning of the insulation, Paroc products are

treated with water repellent agent. This allows the products to be used in

normal weather conditions with an exposure to rain.



Stone wool is an ideal material for sound absorption and noise


By using acoustic slabs in the suspended ceilings the room acoustics

can be improved and the desired acoustic climate created.

Paroc sound insulation slabs are intended be used in floor structures

for the reduction of the impact noise as well as in the vertical structures

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