Princeses dianos biografine surinkta knyga
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Princeses dianos biografine surinkta knyga

Princess Diana Biography


Diana Spencer

nicknameLady Di

born:July 1st, 1961

birthplace of:Sandringham (Norfolk – England)

parents:John Edward Spencer (1924-1992)

Lady Frances Spencer (1936)

divorced since 1969

sisters and brothers:Sarah, Jane, Charles

length:1.77 m


colour of eyes:blue

colour of hair:blond

residence:Kensington Palace in London

marriage:On July 29th Lady Diana married Prince Charles. She was 20 years old and Prince Charles was 33 years old.

children:Princes William (Willie), 21st June 1982

Princes Henry (Harry), 15th September 1984

dissolution of marriage:August 28th, ’96

died:August 30th, ’97

place of death: Paris

Curriculum vitae

1st July 1961

Birth of the honourable Diana Frances Spencer as the third daughter of Lord Edward John Spencer, later 8th Earl of Spencer – from 1975 Diana bore the title „Lady Diana“ – and his wife Frances Ruth Burke Roche in Park House on the Royal Estate of Sandringham (Norfolk, England). Diana’s father is the equerry to Queen Elizabeth II.


Attendance at Riddlesworth Hall Preparatory School in Diss, Norfolk.


The parents divorce. The father obtains custody for Diana, her brother Charles and both sisters Jane and Sarah.


Attendance at West Heath School near Sevenoaks, Kent.

November 1977

Diana meets Prince Charles at a hunting party, who at that time was friends with her sister.


Diana goes to finishing school at the Institute Alpine Videmanette in Rouge Mont, Switzerland.


After her return to London, Diana lives with three friends in an apartment in Coleherne Court in South Kensington, London.


Diana works as a children’s nanny at the Young England School in Pimlico, London.


Diana’s contact with the Royal Family and Prince Charles starts anew. The Spencer’s visit the Windsor’s during the summer holidays at Balmoral Castle. The romance between Charles and Diana begins.

24th February 1981

The engagement between the 19 year-old Lady Diana Frances Spencer and the 32 year-old Heir to the British Throne Prince Charles is officially announced. The engagement ring is white gold with an oval sapphire in the middle and 14 diamonds.

29th July 1981

600,000 people crowd Diana’s route from Buckingham Palace to London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, and around 750 million television viewers follow the dream wedding of Charles and Diana live in front of TV sets. For the first time in 300 years an English girl is betrothed to a British Heir to the Throne.

October 1981

The first official three day visit to Wales.

21st June 1982

The first son and Heir to the Throne, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, named Wills, is born in St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

September 1982

Diana’s first official appearance outside Great Britain at the burial of Princess Grace of Monaco. Diana represented the Queen.


For an official visit to Australia Diana asserts herself and takes her son William with her.

15th September 1984

The second son of Princess Diana and Charles, Prince Henry Charles Albert David, named Harry is born, also at St. Mary’s Hospital.


At a visit of the British Heirs to the Throne in Italy their two sons Prince William and Henry are also present. Diana and Charles are also invited to a private audience with Pope John Paul II.


Diana travels to Berlin and becomes the honorary colonel of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, which she remained up to 1996.


Princess Diana visits AIDS victims. The palace reacts with outrage at her visit.

October 1985

Supposedly out of desperation over her unhappy marriage, Princess Diana attempts suicide.

Winter 1985

The first official visit of Charles and Diana to America. President Reagan throws a huge gala party at the White House. It is the society event of the year.


The honourable citizen of London, the sultan sends Diana jewellery to the estimated value of æÃ1 million.

November 1987

Diana has a state visit to Germany.


Diana becomes President of the British marital advice organisations, which she ended on 16/07/1996. She also becomes an honorary citizen of Northampton and Bardolino (Italy).


Diana receives a one month driving ban and æÃ150 fine due to speeding.


In a magazine she is voted as „Best Dressed Woman“. Diana and Charles live in separate apartments.

March 1992

Earl Spencer, Diana’s father dies. His death affects her greatly.

June 1992

The book „Diana, Her True Story“ by Andrew Morton is published as a series in the Sunday Times, and due to its explosive contents it becomes a bestseller. With the Princess’ later admitted approval, it contains statements from her close friends about the poor state of her marriage to Prince Charles and over Diana’s fears, her bulimia and the Princess’ several suicide attempts.

25th August 1992

The British tabloid paper „The Sun“ prints the supposed transcript of a telephone conversation between Princess Diana and her former friend James Gilbey. Diana however denied having an affair with Gilbey (which is also not clearly presented in this conversation, and probably is just a press invention).


During the state visit to India it becomes clear that Charles and Diana’s marriage over.

November 1992

A joint trip by Diana and Charles to Korea is judged by the press to be the last chance to save their marriage.


The magazine „Woman“ votes Diana as the „Most Beautiful Woman“ in Britain.

9th December 1992

The British Prime Minister John Major officially announces Charles and Diana’s separation.

13th January 1993

In the Australian woman’s magazine „New Idea“ the complete transcript is printed of a six minute long telephone conversation with very intimate details between Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, which he had held with her three years before. Charles’ adultery with a married woman is therefore obvious. Not only these whispers between Prince Charles and his lover Camilla Parker-Bowles, but also the conversation between Diana and her supposed lover James Gilbey are supposed to have taken place as early as 1989, and supposedly have been recorded by amateur radio enthusiasts. Rumours grow that it was the work of the systematic monitoring one by the secret organisation MI5.

29th June 1994

In a television interview Prince Charles acknowledges to Jonathan Dimbleby his liaison with Camilla Parker-Bowles and his unfaithfulness to his wife Diana. He explains his adultery by saying that he already saw his marriage as being over.

August 1994

Newspapers report further intimate telephone conversations by Princess Diana.

October 1994

In the book „Princess in Love“ by Anna Pasternak, the love-relationship between the former bodyguard and riding teacher for Princess Diana, James Hewitt and the Princess is described. In the following weeks Hewitt divulges more and more details about the relationship and the love life between the pair. He is supposed to have made himself around æÃ270,000 richer by doing this.

February 1995

Diana visits Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in Japan.


Diana is awarded the „Prize for Humanity“ by the Society for Brain Research in New York.

24th November 1995

Diana admits her affair with James Hewitt in a BBC TV interview with the journalist Martin Bashir. She speaks further about her psychological desperation during the unlucky married years, her mental trauma and the ensuing concurrent psychological illnesses, which first appeared as eating disorders, and about her attempt to commit suicide. Apart from this she spoke of her mistrust of the Royal Family and doubts that her husband, Prince Charles, will ever become king.

November 1995

Thirteen years after the British-Argentinian war, during her visit to Argentina as Ambassador of Peace Princess Diana is greeted with excitement.

18th December 1995

Queen Elisabeth II asks her son Prince Charles and Princess Diana to end their marriage: Charles is immediately in agreement, yet Diana puts off the decision for three months.


According to a questionnaire by the Gallup-Institute she is voted as the Beauty Queen of the last 50 years.

December 1995

Diana is on the front cover photo of the December edition of „Harper’s Bazaar“.

28th February 1996

Princess Diana agrees to the wish of Prince Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth II to end the marriage.

12th July 1996

Princess Diana and Prince Charles agree over divorce formalities.

15th July 1996

Princess Diana becomes divorced after a 15 year long marriage to the British Heir to the Throne Prince Charles.

28th August 1996

The divorce becomes legal after six weeks of talks: Diana loses the title „Royal Highness“, but may still call herself „Princess of Wales“. The Princess has a permanent right to live in Kensington Palace and remains a member of the Royal Family. The custody of the two sons Wills and Harry is given jointly to both parents, and Diana receives a settlement from her ex-husband in the millions and a yearly payment of around æÃ300,000.


Diana receives a gold medal for a humanitarian mission.

January 1997

At a visit to Angola Diana demonstrates her disgust at the use of landmines and demands a world wide ban on these weapons.

June 1997

Diana meets Mother Theresa (who died on 5th September 1997 )in New York.


Diana and her sons fly to St. Tropez together, the first holiday with Dodi Al Fayed.

08th August 1997

Diana visits Bosnia. It is her last trip as „Charity Queen“ and „Queen of Hearts“.

30th August 1997

21.45 o’clock: Diana and Dodi go to dinner at the „Ritz“ in the Place Vendome.

31st August 1997

0.25 o’clock: the accident in the Seine-Tunnel under the Place de I’Alme, not far from the Eiffel Tower. Dodi and the chauffeur Henri Paul die at the scene. Diana and her bodyguard are still alive. 4.15 o’clock: after intensive attempts to save Diana’s life, the doctors Bruno Rioux and Philipe Pavie at the Pite Salpã´triere Hospital, where the emergency doctors had brought Diana, let it be known that Diana, Princess of Wales, died at 4 o’clock in the morning. A BA 146 from the Royal Squadron brings back Diana’s corpse back to Great Britain on that afternoon. The aircraft lands at Northolt airport. Prime Minister Tony Blair is among those who are waiting. The coffin is draped with the royal flag. At midnight the coffin lays in state in the Royal Chapel in St. James’ Palace.

5th September 1997

The first live speech from the Queen concerning the death of Princess Diana.

6th September 1997

For the lengthy procession through London the Princess of Wales’ coffin is borne on a gun carriage escorted by the Welsh Guard. In Westminster Abbey a great funeral service is held. Countless prominent people are present, and the pop star Elton John sings the song „Candle in the Wind“. Especially moving to the watchers is the
given by Diana’s younger brother, the Earl of Spencer. Approximately two-and-a-half million television viewers followed this speech on the screen. The coffin containing Diana’s body is brought to Anthrop House, the Spencer’s family seat. Diana is buried on a small island in the middle of a lake on the estate.


Everything was perfectly prepared. Pale blue baby clothes lay freshly washed and starched on the commode, father Jonnie Anthrop held young Frances’ hand and hoped that everything would very soon be over. Both the two small girls Sarah and Jane were also allowed to stay up for longer on this first of July 1961. They of course wanted to be the first to greet their new little brother. But with the first scream of the child followed the disappointing knowledge: a girl. Yet again no heir to the family title Earl of Spencer!

Even when her parents so eagerly wished for a son, Diana experienced a carefree childhood, protected, loved and honoured. Three years later followed the eagerly awaited for son. They christened him after the name of the British heir to the throne, Charles.

Diana‘s original name is Diana Frances Spencer. She was born on July 1, 1961. Her native town was Sandringham, Norfolk, England. The girl was not a member of the Royal Family. Dana‘s birthplace was at park House which was built for the future Edward VII in 1870 and still belongs to the country. It was the home that her parents rented on Queen Elizabeth II’s estate at Sandringham, and where her childhood friends were the Queen’s younger sons, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Diana later liked to think back to these first years of her childhood. The family lived in a very beautiful and large house on the private estate of the Royal Family at Sandringham. In earlier times Park House served as a royal guesthouse, later it was leased by Diana’s family. It consisted of ten bedrooms and four roomy salons. The wonderful grounds offered the children a great amount of space for games and rollicks. The immediate neighbourliness to the royal country seat brought with it regular meetings between Diana and her siblings and members of the Royal Family. They often met up with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward to go swimming at Park House, or they were invited to a tea party „at the court“. These meetings were completely informal and without courtly ceremony, as the Royals were mostly present during the hunting season and accordingly relaxed. In spite of this Diana’s father paid much attention to good behaviour and etiquette when raising his children. After all he himself, as the descendant of the ancient noble Spencer family, held the high position of Royal Equerry. Diana’s mother Frances, daughter of Baron Fermoy, was a highly educated lady, who warmed the hearts of her four children and her husband.

She was the third child and the youngest daughter of Edward John Spencer, the heir to the 7th Earl Spencer. The girl was brought up on the Sandringham estate. At the age of six Diana’s parents had parted for ever. Her father was an aristocrat of the old school. His wife Frances left her four children and married a man many years her senior. Later she got tired of her old husband and left him. Sometimes little Diana hid behind the curtain in the room as she couldn’t listen to her parents quarrels. Remembering it long afterwards, Diana couldn’t forget the sounds of her mother’s footsteps in the hall. They sank deeply in her mind the moment her mother had left the home for the last time.

The depression followed her. When a girl, she needed love and understanding. The elder sisters and her younger brother Charles were brought up by the care of nannies where the interchange of them occurred very often. Edward Spencer was an equerry to the Queen then. The girl became Lady Diana Spencer when her father succeeded to the earldom in 1975. Though her friends were the Queen’s sons in her childhood, Diana was eager to share her emotions with somebody else, but there wasn’t anybody to speak with.

The school in Norfolk and West Heath School, Kent, gave Diana education. Later she went to Switzerland. Diana returned to England and became a kindergarten teacher at one fashionable school.

The sixteen-year-old Diana fell in love with the Prince. The tall, fair-haired girl was used to watch Prince Charles fishing on the banks of the River Lee. She had known him from a distance as a young girl when her family lived next door to Sandringham. Later Diana started spending as much time as possible at a cottage on the Balmoral estate with her sister, Lady Jane. Once Diana declared as a joke:

“-It is Prince Andrew, maybe, I am going to marry.”

Queen Elizabeth II had four children of her own. Princess Anne was born in 1950, Andrew, Duke of York, in 1960 and Prince Edward was the youngest child born in 1964. Diana’s future husband, Prince Charles, was twelve years her senior. He was thirty years old at that time and needed a wife. The public and his father Prince Philip forced him to marry as soon as possible and begin a family life.

There was no doubt in the minds of the members in the Royal Family what Diana’s intentions were. Someone said:

“- She went after Prince with one determination. She wanted him and she got him.”


Something had to happen, so the Earl of Spencer sent his daughter to Switzerland. The right choice appeared to him to be the girls’ boarding school „Institute Alpine
in Rouge Mont near Gstaad. Home skills, sewing, cooking, hostess skills, and etiquette – all of this should prepare Diana for life. Yet whilst daddy thought of virtues befitting a housewife, she looked forward to going skiing.

In November ’77, on the occasion of a hunting party with a party afterwards, the 16 year-old Diana drove to her father at Anthrop Hall. A visit from those in the highest society had been confirmed. If that were not a reason to overcome the dislike of the stepmother for the space of a weekend! Her sister Sarah had been friends with Prince Charles for a little while now, and now he had confirmed his attendance! At this hunting trip the somewhat chubby boarding school pupil in a thick jumper and rubber boots literally tripped up before the feet of the prominent guest – Prince Charles. The heir to the throne was fascinated by the charm of the young Diana. Certainly he knew the young girl from his childhood, but it was now that he took note of her for the first time. She was so happy, full of a passion for life and amusing. Finally a girl who didn’t gaze at him longingly. How could Diana then have come to such a daring idea? She was after all just the little sister of the heir to the throne’s girlfriend.

In December ’77 Diana completed her studies at the boarding school. She returned to Great Britain and moved to London, to her mother. Finally life was supposed to start for Diana. She was so excited.

Never having to go to school again. Earning a little bit of money would be the best thing. But what should Diana do? She had no qualifications for a job. Perhaps an apprenticeship? But which? Something like being in an office between nine o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the afternoon? Certainly not! Good, when one has a pair of friends with whom one can spend the time. Also good when one can lodge free of charge by one’s mother for the time being. The conversations of the friends were always over one theme: young aristocrats. They giggled and fooled around; none of them had yet had any experiences with the other sex. Their favourite activity was shopping. Together they roamed through department stores and boutiques, tried on whole collections under the strict gaze of the sales staff. Bought was – if at all – only little. The young Diana had very little money in her pocket, but a few years later the shops were to be greatly compensated. Already then she loved expensive designer fashion, had to however make do with a jumper and jeans.

To her concern Diana was a little chubby; therefore she began to try out certain diets. She was completely convinced that only a true beauty would get an eligible bachelor. But her self-confidence was not yet especially pronounced and she suffered with an inferiority complex. When she was bored she watched American soap operas on the television. Diana dropped on to the sofa, nibbled chocolate bars and biscuits and had a guilty conscience about her figure. Yet she often didn’t manage to satisfy her huge appetite. The more insecure Diana felt, the more she ate. A behaviour which would later bring her many problems. When she felt ill after eating so much she laid in bed and cried. Then she pictured being eternally alone, with a dismal existence as an old maid. Diana was not built for being alone. She needed company. She felt at her best when surrounded by a whole group of friends. Typically Diana had never in her life had a best friend. Already when at school she was always together with more than one person of the same age. And in London she doubly enjoyed herself when she was able out with many female friends. The group gave her security and helped her to conceal her shyness. Yes, Diana could be completely silly and boisterous. She was always available for small pranks, and she developed her own individual humour and wit. The girls could have a good laugh with Diana, she was extremely popular.

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