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Anglų kalbos namų darbas


A person I admire is Lithuanian president Valdas Adamkus. This person is not young in this age, but he is young in his heart, because he is very active man. He always look a restless, always is active.

What I can say about he`s appearance. His height is tall, build is normal – is not thick and is not slim. His hair is short, grizzled.

The president is mostly neat, always mannerly. He smiles a lot, and maybe he is optimist, because he happy for his life.

I admire his person, because he is a man of great talent, heart-to-heart. He is very much doing good for Lithuania and for her peoples.

I think that this man admire is not only me, but and others Lithuanian`s peoples too, because Lithuania`s people very like and honour V.Adamkus.

He was born into a family of civil servants in Kaunas on 3 November 1926. V.Adamkus studied at the Aušra Gymnasium in Kaunas. In the years of world war he hoined the resistane moment for Lithuania`s independence.

V.Adamkus was an active member of the United States Republican Party. He bringing the literature published by ,, Santara- šviesa‘‘,,Akiračiai‘‘ and others literature, which very important in history for Lithuanian people.

Now the president live in inner suburb Turniškės, environed with a lot of forests and trees. There he with his wife like walking, and admire for butiful nature.

I like that, what president V.Adamkus at leisure like to go for a walking in the nature, wery like animals, how I too. So he is good people because he like animals, and he has a dog, his name is Sargis.

If the president have own time, he give at leisure for music and for books. He very like classics music. It is true to say that classics music – his hobby, because the president at home has a big collection of classics music.

Because the president very often very busy , he is not have very much leisure. But he always read the press , a lot of newspaper and journal, reading information over internet, looking information broadcasting over television.

When he was young man , he was very good sportsman, because he was an active participant and organizer of sports events. He won a lot of medals and honours. And now president like sport too: go for a swim and play tennis. Readily looker basketball match, how looker- on in the sport hall and viewing over TV.

I admire president V.Adamkus person, because he is more accomplish in this life, have experience in policy, science and in individual life. He is fluent in five languages – Russian, Polish, English, German, Lithuanian. That show, his sense, lettered and hearty. He has been granted the title of Honorary Doctor of Vilnius university and other university. He has himself established annual award granted to Lithuania`s noted environmental specialists and scholars.

More Lithuanian`s people admire and realiant sitting president V.Adamkus, because he earn more peoples releance. People believe in better life and they believed in this promises.

In 1998 V.Adamkus was elected president of republic of Lithuania. In 2004 was reelected for the second time.

The president V.Adamkus very good politician it follows that he is popular enough. He very much accomplished in the political life.

The president V.Adamkus is married. His wife is Alma. I admire and his wife too. Because Alma cared and patronized Lithuanian children, which don`t have a parents. She organized charity events for children, so she gladden children hearts. She give a very much attention for children, which living in the children – home, cared for orphans and for children with disability. A lot of children become more happy he more smiles and theirs life become more interesting.

I admire their enduring marriage. Because they together very more years. This nice and exemplary pair , a short time ago celebrated their golden weeding. They very nice and happy pair.

So I very admire the president V.Adamkus, because by Lithuanian great people he most like to me.

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